Disney Dreamlight Valley Now on Early Access

Experience the magic!
Experience the magic! Gameloft

Good news for Disney fans! Disney Dreamlight Valley is now available for early access. Those who buy the game before September 13 can get the bonus rewards, which are the Mickey Mouse Donut Headband and Choco Crocodile Animal Companion. The game is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

Those who previously bought the Founder’s Pack on PC or consoles immediately start their magical adventure.

Star Path

The launch on early access isn't the only reason why Disney fans should be happy. Starting today, players can now experience the first Star Path Season of the game. This is a season-based mission system themed after various Disney and Pixar favorites.

As players finish quests around the valley, they get tokens that can be redeemed for exclusive Pixar-themed clothing, furniture, and motif items. There are also new animal companions inspired by Disney and Pixar’s Cars, The Incredibles, Coco, and Up!. For those who want even more rewards, they can upgrade their Star Path to the Premium track.

The Pixar Fest Star Path runs until October 11.

Welcome to Dreamlight Valley

For those wondering what Disney Dreamlight Valley is all about, it’s a mix of a life-sim and adventure game. There are a lot of activities like quests and explorations, all of which feature Disney and Pixar friends, both old and new.

The game takes place in Dreamlight Valley, a place where Disney and Pixar characters have been living in harmony. This changed with the arrival of the Forgetting. It has turned this once idyllic land into where Night Thorns grow, which severed the wonderful memories tied to this magical place.

With nowhere else to go, the hopeless inhabitants of Dreamlight Valley retreated behind locked doors in the Dream Castle. It’s now up to the players to discover the stories of the world and bring the magic back to Dreamlight Valley.

Getting Feedback

Ever since the game was announced, the passion of the community can be described as palpable. According to a post by the development team at Gameloft, this was important to them and will continue as important. The team also revealed they've been keeping a close watch on what the community wants and making sure that they get the feedback.

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