Sifu: New Difficulty Settings Added in Spring Content Update

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The martial arts beat ‘em up game Sifu has received a new patch that adds new difficulty settings. The Spring Content Update also implements other new features, including a dark mode for the user interface and an improved training room.

New Difficulty Settings

Even though Sifu is a fun game, it can be quite challenging, especially for those still new to the third-person, beat ‘em up genre. This is why developer Slocap added new difficulty options so that you can set how hard or easy you want the game to be.

The Student Difficulty is considered the easy mode. In this difficulty setting, enemies are less aggressive to give you enough time to initiate the first strike. They are also less reactive when defending against your attacks.

If you want a more challenging experience, the Master Difficulty is for you. This is essentially the hard mode where enemies have more health and are generally more aggressive. Furthermore, bosses have new attack patterns, meaning they can strike you when you least expect it.

New Features

The Spring Content Update for Sifu brings other new features as well. If you’ve played the game for some time now, you probably notice that the menus are just too bright. Developers think so too, which is why they added a new dark mode display option that lets you switch between light and dark backgrounds in the menus. Moreover, light backgrounds are generally less bright now than before.

In addition, the training room has received some much-needed improvements. For one, defeating enemies in the main game will make them available for use in the training room. Besides that, you can now fight multiple enemies at once.


  • Added an interactive wardrobe in the Wuguan for Outfit selection
  • Added 3 new outfits with unlock conditions
  • Fixed the Juggernaut ability to retaliate while defending
  • Quicker post parry follow-up with various weapons
  • The camera is further away when surrounded by enemies during takedowns and focus
  • Fixed issues with 21:9 display screens
  • Fixed video looping issue on PS5
  • Various rendering fixes for low-quality mode
  • Fixed some streaming issues
  • Fixed some minor texturing issues for Yang's 3D models
UX and UI
  • Popups now warn you more clearly about important choices
  • More discreet XP box in HUD
  • Clearer feedback when a focus bar is full
  • Various keyboard inputs display fixes
  • Audio output format selection
  • Fix some unwanted behavior on surround audio systems

Sifu Spring Content Update is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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