Shop Titans is Improving the Gameplay Experience with Merchant Level Loops

Shop Titans 5th Anniversary
Get ready for a new experience. Kabam

Shop Titans is celebrating its 5th Anniversary and is introducing a lot of new content through a free major Game Update. One of the interesting changes is the ones for Merchant.

In particular, it's known as Merchant Level Loops. By using the XP bonus of Advanced Research, it's going to be possible for merchant levels to reach Level 100. Once this happens, players are brought back to level and given a new look to their level banner. This is to let all players know that their Shopkeeping is on point. When players reach Level 100 again, it's time for a new loop. This should allow for a truly interesting experience.

Better Furniture

The new update also allows players to upgrade their Furniture Levels to 25. What this means is that there's now more energy along with more resource capacity.

That's not the only thing increasing. The amount of Dragonmarks received through the Dragon Invasion event has been increased. In fact, it's been double. That means it becomes relatively easier for players to level up their furniture. New Tier 14 Enchantments are also now available in the form of six new Elements and six new Spirits, through the use of the new Supreme Runestone to craft them.

Seed of Merit

Players can also take advantage of the new Seed of Merit. This is a valuable seed that players can use on a Hero or Champion to increase their max level by one, to a maximum of +10 per character. These seeds are currently exclusive to the Shop Titans 5th Year Anniversary Sale which takes place June 14.

Better Yard Space

Players should also be happy to know that they can now transform any interior shop segment and turn it to Yard Space. With this, players to go beyond the standard 3x3 shop setup. Furniture Space obtained through the expansion is retained though the actual area becomes outdoor grass, resulting in the placement of outdoor decorations. This then allows players to be even more creative when it comes to their shop space design.

Get Rewards

The 5th Anniversary celebration also includes a 5th Anniversary Login Calendar that allow players to earn rewards by simply by logging into the game during the anniversary period. There's also going to be a daily giveaway happening exclusively on the game's Webstore beginning June 14. Prepare as well for a major sale that's taking place from June 14 to June 17.

In addition to all that's mentioned, the 5th Anniversary also introduces what's known as Artifact Blueprints that you can learn more about here.

Shop Titans is available to download free on mobile platforms through the App Store and Google Play. It's also available for the PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and the Microsoft Store.

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