Here are Updates on Three Games Revealed During the Marvelous Game Showcase

Interesting updates are here. XSEED Games

Marvelous USA, Inc. and XSEED Games held the Marvelous Game Showcase last week. It was a showcase which provided updates on different titles. It was hosted by Marvelous USA President Suminobu Sato.

In celebration of the Showcase, Story of Seasons and Rune Factory titles are being offered for as much as 60% off on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch. This offer is available until June 7.

A New Story in Development

Let's start with the Story of Seasons series. A new game is in the works though there's no title yet. For now, the development team is focusing on improving the visual presentation along with the natural environments. Series Manager Hikaru Nakano actually joined the Showcase and confirmed new gameplay features to be introduced like a player-controlled glider. Fans can also look forward to the return of some of their favorite pets.

More details are to be revealed at a later date.

Get Ready for a New Factory

It's been more than 18 years since the first Rune Factory game was released. Since then, nine titles have been launched in the franchise. During the Showcase Director Shiro Maekawa shared more about Rune Factory: Project Dragon.

In the game, players can choose to be either Subaru or Kaguya. These new Earthmates are unlike the others. That's because when they communicate and interact with the world around them, they use the power of dance rather than farming. This means that there's a new way to interact with non-combat tools like drums and parasols. There are also the series staple weapons like swords to use and new weapon types to experiment with like bows and talismans.

A New Title is Here

During the Showcase, Product Manager Takehiro Ishida officially revealed that the title is now Farmagia from Project Magia. He presented the opening animation of the game which gave everyone a peek at the cast of characters and powers that they wield.

He also shared details on some of the key characters, which have been designed by popular artist Hiro Mashima. These include:

  • Ten
    • The protagonist who often acts before thinking.
  • Arche
    • The childhood friend of Ten who balances both kindness and a competitive nature.
  • Chica
    • Another childhood friend of Ten with a more reserved demeanor.
  • Lookie-Loo
    • Ten's sidekick and de-facto mascot.

The title is expected to be released worldwide this year.

These are just some of the updates revealed during the Showcase. Read more about it here.

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