Chorus of Havoc Introduces New Mechanics to The Helm in Skull and Bones

Big changes are here. Ubisoft

The newest season of Skull and Bones is now live. There's a lot to be happy about with Chorus of Havoc. One of the highlights is the introduction of new gameplay mechanics for The Helm.

In the game, The Helm is a way for players to access the smuggling network. The change implemented has an impact on the smuggling operations. Take for example the fleet management feature. With this, players can assign ships that aren't in use and have them automatically deposit and collect Pieces of Eight from the manufactories. What's important to remember is that the higher the rank of the ship, the better the chance the loot is going to arrive safely. However, there's also the possibility of the ship getting damaged on the voyage.

Getting Manufactories

The new season also gives players new way to obtain manufactories. In the past it was limited to Hostile Takeover and Legendary Heist world events. This time, players can now get obtain manufactories through Helm Leases and the new Buyout game mode.

There are different ways that players can get Helm leases. It can be through seasonal contracts, by trading with Scurlock or Rahma, or as Smuggler Pass rewards. There are three kinds of Helm Leases and these are Regional, Faction, and Worldwide. All that needs to be done is simply sail to the manufactory that they want and then spend Helm Lease.

Players can also use Buyout that has them travel to an Outpost where an Overseas Smuggler states their demands. These can include commodities, contraband, currencies, or equipment. Those able to gather the supplies and deliver them to the Smuggler within the time limit, they're rewarded with a Manufactory.

Prepare to Defend

Chorus of Havoc added a new game mode which is Manufactory Defense. It basically introduces an element of danger for the manufactories. Those who think they can survive the challenge can head on over to their threatened manufactory and then defend it from waves of enemies. Of course, they'll need to stay within the immediate area.

Each wave of enemies gets progressively more difficult and once the manufactory reaches zero HP, it means the objective is failed and that location won't produce any Pieces of Eight while it recovers. Those who can protect the manufactory successfully get rewarded with Helm materials.

Ready to take on the challenge? Chorus of Havoc also introduces new content that you read more about here.

Skull and Bones was released in February 2024 and available for the PC, PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series X/S.

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