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Ryo Hazuki is searching for the truth in China.
Ryo Hazuki is searching for the truth in China. YS Net

Shenmue 3 made a surprising launch 18 years after the release of Shenmue 2. The third game in the franchise is similar to the older Shenmue games, emphasizing open-world adventure and brawls. However, the sequel also features some new graphical elements like day-and-night cycles, dynamic weather, NPCs having their own schedules, and more. For the uninitiated, Shenmue 3 continues the story of Ryu Hazuki, who is on a quest to avenge his father's death.

Shenmue 3 released last year for PC and PS4. On PC, however, the game was exclusive to the Epic Games Store for a year. With the exclusivity coming to end, Shenmue 3 has now launched on Steam and is offering some serious discounts for anyone who wants to pick up a copy between November 19 and November 23.

In a press release shared earlier today, Deep Silver stated, "To celebrate the launch, Shenmue 3 will have great value offers across the main game, all three DLCs, and the Season Pass for the entire weekend!"

Pricing details for Shenmue 3 on its launch weekend (Nov 19-Nov 23) are as follows:

  • Shenmue 3 (base Game) for $49.99 with a 66% discount
  • Shenmue 3 Deluxe Edition for $64.98 with a 66% discount
  • DLC 1 Big Merry Cruise for $3.29 with a 60% discount
  • DLC 2 Battle rally for $7.99 with a 60% discount
  • DLC 3 Story quest pack for $5.99 with a 60% discount
  • Season Pass bundle (All three DLCs) – with a 15% bundle discount

To anyone who hasn't played the previous Shenmue games, but is interested in trying out Shenmue 3, the latest entry comes with a recap movie for the previous two games. Shenmue 3 was made for both new audiences and long-time fans of the series, but it will appease more to the latter.

Shenmue 3 is available on PC (Steam and Epic Games Store) and PS4. However, leaks suggest that the game will also launch on the Xbox One sometime in the future.

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