Shadow Arena Welcomes Back 5 Heroes

See who's making a return.
See who's making a return. Pearl Abyss

Shadow Arena announced that five heroes are returning to the game. They’re not returning “empty-handed” so to speak since they'll bring with them improved skills and abilities. These are Sura, Ba-Ri and Heilang, Badal the Golden, Igrid and Lahn.

Starting with Sura, this hero has four different skills allowing him to either attack opponents with lightning speed and go behind their back.

Ba-Ri, meanwhile, is a princess traveling with her life-long friend Heilang. Heilang follows Ba-Ri to the fight and goes after anyone the princess' targets. Heilang can detect enemies even when they’re in stealth mode and immediately attack them.

What about the rest? Lahn is a Dealer who makes use of the Crescent Pendulum that can cause a significant amount of damage. With her skills, Lahn can pull distant enemies closer to her. On the other hand, Igrid is a Brawler who carries a battle axe and shield. Despite having a slow attack speed, the combination of strong combat skills and defensive techniques makes her just as deadly.

Finally, there’s Badal the Golden, a Dealer specializing in combo attacks. His special skills buff his attacks and make his combos deadlier. However, his limited attack range means he needs to be quick in closing the distance between him and his opponents.

New Update

In addition to returning heroes, Shadow Arena also dropped an update that brings some interesting changes. One of these is Corrupted Hook being removed from the Shop. According to the dev team, the item was removed because it was too effective, especially with the way it helped in killing certain monsters. They shared that this served as a lesson to them, especially when it comes to introducing new items.

Speaking of introducing new items, players can look forward to the Mysterious Kettle. This item is sure to save teams, particularly in dangerous situations. While the cooldown may be a problem for many, as well as the price, being able to use it properly more than makes up for the disadvantages.

Learn more about all the changes here.

Influencer Partners

Shadow Arena announced as well that they finally selected the streamers and video creators who are going to serve as partners. But some responsibilities will come for being a partner like streamers must play the game at least twice a week and stream for at least one hour. If they can maintain it for at least four weeks, they eventually get to enjoy perks.

To know who the streamers and video creator partners are, you can read more about them here.

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