Shadow Arena Introduces New Rival System In Latest Update

Time to climb up the ranks.
Time to climb up the ranks. Pearl Abyss

Shadow Arena has added a new Rival System with its latest update. What this new system does is that by facing off against opponents of the same level, players get to gain Ranking Points.

Before we go into the details, developer Pearl Abyss announced that the Battle Pass event is going to continue until September 17. Players that manage to get a special Ticket during this period get the chance to earn prizes like a Seagate SSD 1TB and GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card. Then there’s also the Limited Edition Shadow Arena Merchandise Package.

Rival System

Previously, there were seven competitive tiers in Shadow Arena, but with the update, a new tier has been added. From the lowest to highest, these are:

  • Shade
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Master

Aside from Shade and Master, the other five tiers are further subdivided into five groups. Under this new Rival System, players are going to be grouped into these different tiers.

What happens is that at the start of a match, all players that have similar rank points are going to be matched as rivals. Starting from the top rankings, two players are going to be matched, with the lower rankings matched last. Should there be an odd number of players, the three players become each other’s rival.

At the end of each ranked match, the scores of each round are going to be reflected in the rank points. Players can also enter a promotion match when they get to 100 rank points. At the same time, players are demoted when they reach zero rank points.

In addition, when the match ends, players can get bonus tier points when they place higher than their rival. Players also get double the bonus tier points by defeating their rivals themselves.

Learn more about this here.

New Additions

In a statement, Shadow Arena Lead Producer Kwangsam Kin said that they are currently preparing to update with a 5v5 Mode as well as a Deathmatch mode. Then there’s also the Replay Mode, which when released should let beginners save and share tutorials and games.

Hero Changes

With this new update, players should expect changes in the invincibility effect when rolling to a Super Armor effect. There are also specific changes that have been made to the heroes, like the damage per hit count of Gerhard Shultz. Of course, there are also the changes to the Monsters.

Read all about the changes to Shadow Arena with its latest update right here.

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