Seven Knights Idle Adventure Invites You to Celebrate the Month of 7K

SKIA Month of 7K
Time for a celebration. Netmarble

A new update is now live in Seven Knights Idle Adventure which invites all players to celebrate the Month of Seven Knights or Month of 7K. There are no new heroes introduced though a bunch of in-game events have been launched.

The first of these is the Month of 7K! Full of Rubies Check-In. It's running from July 4 to July 31 and all players need to do is simply log in to the game and receive rewards. The rewards for this in-game event are:

  • Day 1: Free Rubies x7,700
  • Day 2: Free Rubies x7,700
  • Day 3: Free Rubies x7,700
  • Day 4: Free Rubies x7,700
  • Day 5: Free Rubies x7,700
  • Day 6: Free Rubies x7,700
  • Day 7: Free Rubies x77,700

Here are the other in-game events that have been launched:

  • Month of 7K! Appreciation Special Check-In
    • Check in for 14 days and receive the Month of 7K Appreciation Chests.
    • The chests are filled with Legendary Hero Summon Tickets 3 (x7) and Stage Clear Legendary Hero Chests.
    • The Stage Clear Legendary Hero Chest offers up to 70 Legendary Hero Summon Tickets 3.
    • Players who log in and play for fourteen days in a row are rewarded with the Legendary Hero Summon Tickets 3 (x777).
  • Month of 7K! New Welcome Check-In
    • New players of the game can earn a total of 77,777 Normal Hero Summon tickets by simply logging in the game and playing for seven days.
    • They get the Month of 7K New Welcome Chest on Day 1, which contains Hero Summon Tickets, and the Month of 7K New Welcome Chest 2.
  • Month of 7K! Welcome Back Check-In
    • Those who return to the game during the event period by checking in the game for seven days get to receive rewards.
    • Rewards include:
      • Seven Knights All Hero Summon Tickets (x7)
      • Four Lords All Hero Summon Tickets (x4)
      • Four Lords of Old All Hero Summon Ticket

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is a successor to the original Seven Knights game but reimagined as an idle RPG. It was developed to ensure that the game experience is not affected despite using devices that have low capacity and low specifications. The guiding principle was easy playability with players enjoying an expanded storyline. The game has players collect and nurture returning fan-favorites but reborn as cute SD characters.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is available to download on mobile platforms through Google Play and the App Store.

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