Seven Knights 2: Join the First Anniversary Celebration with A/C/E Card Collection Event

Happy anniversary!
Happy anniversary! Netmarble

Seven Knights 2 is celebrating its first anniversary with special in-game updates. There are new heroes arriving in the game, along with a new Orb System. All of these will go live on November 16.

Kicking off the celebrations is a special A/C/E Card collection event that started November 10 until November 16. During this limited-time event, players can collect three types of cards and exchange them for special gifts once the update goes live.

To get the cards, players need to finish specific challenges:

  • Card A
    • Up to 5 cards can be obtained depending on the number of times players clear the final stage of daily missions.
  • Card C
    • Up to 5 cards can be obtained depending on the number of times the Upgrade Dungeon is played.
  • Card E
    • Up to 5 cards can be acquired depending on the number of times the Field Exploration is played.

Start the Countdown

While waiting for the anniversary update, players can receive special rewards with the 1st Anniversary! Countdown Gift Event! Log into the game and get these:

  • November 11
    • Legendary Rune x11,111
  • November 12
    • Universal Strategy Book x1,111
  • November 13
    • Equipment Summon Ticket x111
  • November 14
    • Selected Rate Up Equipment Summon Ticket x11
  • November 15
    • Legendary Jewel Summon Voucher x1

Surprise Event

Players can also enjoy the 1st Anniversary! Congratulate Seven Knights 2 event. To get a reward, it's pretty simple to join. Congratulatory messages for the game's first anniversary from the previous event will be shown in-game at the top right corner as a rolling notice during the exposure period. Just take a screenshot of these exposed congratulatory messages and share them in the comments.

Those able to join and do it correctly get Selected Rate Up Equipment Summon Ticket x3. The event starts November 12 until November 20. Learn more about the details of this event here.

Ongoing Event

There's also the Ace Special Check-In Event which started November 9 until November 16. Players can get various check-in rewards just by checking in the game every day during the event. The rewards are:

  • Day 1
    • Equipment Summon Ticket x3
  • Day 2
    • Pet Summon Ticket x3
  • Day 3
    • Jewel Summon Ticket x3
  • Day 4
    • Selected Rate Up Equipment Summon Ticket x3
  • Day 5
    • Ruby x1,100

Learn more about this event here.

Seven Knights 2 is available on Google Play, App Store, and PC.

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