Seven Knights 2 Adds Legendary Bullet Dancer Colt to the Roster

A gunslinger arrives! Netmarble

A new update has been released for Seven Knights 2 and introduces a new Legendary+ Hero to the roster. Get ready to welcome the new ranged type hero Bullet Dancer Colt.

Cool and collected, this gunslinger is very good in avoiding not only damage but even status effects. When disabled, she gets Stealth, removes debuffs, and even gains damage immunity. Meanwhile, her skill allows her to receive additional evade stats. Finally, her ultimate skill teleports her to the target and adds extra damage which ignores DEF, dealing equal damage to all enemies in a straight line ahead of her.

The update also expands the Celestial Tower with a new difficulty added. Several in-game events are available as well:

  • Lucky and Punky! Check-in event (May 24 to June 14)
    • For 14 days, players can get rewards for checking in from May 24 to June 14:
      • Punky Star Coins
      • Pet Summon Tickets
      • Rubies(x1500)
      • Pet Step Up Summon Tickets
  • Lucky and Punky Event Coin Shop (May 24 to June 14)
    • Punky Star Coins obtained from different missions and the Lucky and Punky! Check-in event can be exchanged at the event exchange shop for multiple rewards:
      • Pet Fragment Chest+
      • Light Crystal Shards
      • Legendary+ Armor Selection Tickets
      • Mythic Upgrade Stones
  • Dance with Colt, Shoot, and Loot (May 24 to June 7)
    • Players can get rewards from the Display Board with Lucky Star Bullets. Lucky Star Bullets can be obtained from different missions.
    • Rewards include:
      • Mythic Upgrade Stones
      • Legendary Pet Summon Voucher Fragments
      • Pet Fragment Chest+
      • Light Crystal
      • Punky Star Coins
  • Lucky and Punky! Summon with Colt Event (May 24 to June 21)
    • Those who summon anything at the summon shop can get Punky Pet Coins based on the accumulated number of summons.
    • Players can get different rewards based on their acquired coins.
    • This event is useful to those in need of pets, as Legendary+ Pet summon items are available as rewards.
    • Rewards include:
      • Pet Step Up Summon Tickets
      • Rubies
      • Legendary+ Pet Summon Voucher Fragments
      • Colt's Punky Chests

Seven Knights 2 takes place two decades after the events of the original game. The story focuses on the Daybreak Mercenaries who embark on a journey to find the last member of the Seven Knights. Seven Knights 2 is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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