Seven Knights 2 Welcomes the Roar of Taragon Iota

A new hero is here.
A new hero is here. Netmarble

A new update has been released for Seven Knights 2 and the main highlight is the Roar of Taragon Iota (Legendary+ Hero). This universal type/melee hero not only helps allies recover their HP but also increases Recovery Rate when attacking. She also increases the ATK speed of her allies while dealing great damage to her enemies. Iota also has a costume for the Water Festival.

The update features a bunch of new content as well:

  • New Board
    • Roar of Taragon Iota’s Hero Memories, Blooming Hope, have been added.
    • Players can obtain rewards by clearing quests.
    • Based on the number of completed quests, players can also obtain Tier Rewards.
  • New Outfits
    • Tribe Guardian Roar of Taragon Iota (Legendary+).
    • Water Festival Roar of Taragon Iota (Legendary+).
  • New Exclusive Equipment
    • Silversword Family's Flag for Nightmare Tracker Kris (Legendary).
  • Celestial Tower Expansion
    • The normal difficulty of the Celestial Tower has been expanded from 40 to 50 total floors.
  • Elixir Refinery Tier 16
    • The 16th tier has been added to Elixir Refinery.
    • The newly added tier can be entered one time for free each day and can be re-entered by using Rubies and Elixir Refinery Entry Tickets.

Join the Water Festival

In celebration of the new update, everyone is invited to the Water Festival, which comes with a special event where all players just need to take a screenshot around water in- game. After that, they must leave that screenshot with a comment in the event notice page. Players who do these two steps get rewarded with one Sealed Accessory Selection Ticket. This offer lasts until April 18.

Players can also be part of the Water Festival Celebration, All New First Purchase Event! Those who make their first purchase during the event period earn these rewards:

  • Legendary Pet Summon Voucher x1.
  • Legendary+ Hero Selection Ticket x1.

There's also the Water Festival Celebration! Splish Splash Push Event! By logging in, players can earn Water Festival Coins, event materials which can be used to craft rewards like the Iota Outfit Chest (Water Festival) and Lene's Outfit Chest (Bright Summer Night).

Seven Knights 2 takes place two decades after the events of the original game. The story focuses on the Daybreak Mercenaries who embark on a journey to find the last member of the Seven Knights. Seven Knights 2 is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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