Settlement Survival Brings Easter-Themed Content in Patch v0.84.273.976

Patch v0.84.273.976
Patch v0.84.273.976 twitter/@Gleamer_Studio

Settlement Survival has a new update now available for download. Patch v0.84.273.976 brings some Easter-themed content, including a Giant Easter Egg, Easter Rabbit, and Rabbit Ears.

In addition, there’s a new event where you can find Easter eggs scattered in the wild. Interacting with them will give you a reward, but what surprises do they bring? It’s up to you to find out! Besides that, those interested in getting some Rabbit Ears can obtain them by interacting with the rabbits jumping around the field.

The Giant Easter egg is the latest wonder building added in Settlement Survival. This structure will have rabbits popping out of it. Any Easter eggs collected can be brought here, and putting some of them inside can increase your citizens’ happiness.

Aside from the limited-time event, Patch v0.84.273.976 adds more custom difficulty settings and an overhauled game creation menu. You can read the highlights below:

Improved Game Creation Menu
Improved Game Creation Menu Steam

Patch Highlights

  • Added more custom difficulty settings.
  • Added more random map settings.
  • Preset map: Easter Island can be chosen in standard mode and sandbox mode.
  • You can click on the name of your city to check the custom settings after entering the game.
  • Added Supply Depot where workers can store designated items for the usage of everyone nearby(Tech point required).
  • Added technology: Fast Porting which can increase the movement speed of logistics-related workers(Tech point required).
  • Optimized the models and building materials.
  • Optimized the model of the Delivery Center.
  • Optimized the model and remodel effect of Warehouses.
  • The basic output, harvest period, growth temperature, and sowing season are shown in Field type structures.
  • Basic output, harvest period, and fruiting time are shown in Orchard.
  • Daily yield and slaughter output are shown in Pasture.
  • Basic output, the time needed and stamina consumption per item are shown in production buildings.
  • Basic consumption of raw materials, basic output, the time needed, and stamina consumption of finished products are shown in processing buildings.
  • Optimized the issue that banned items in houses cannot be moved out.
  • Optimized the models of some buildings.
  • Optimized the output ways of Apiary (rebuilding required).
  • Added a new setting: Mute audio on focus loss.
  • Added a new setting: Lightness adjustment.
  • Game saves and log files location finder function added in the save or loading menu.
  • Fixed stamina cannot restore to full in the late game.
  • Fixed citizens' warmth can't restore to full when they return home.
  • Fixed no highlight circle under the citizen after he has been selected.

Settlement Survival Patch v0.84.273.976 is available on PC.

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