Serious Sam 2 Major 2.90 Update Brings A New Weapon, 12 Maps, Dual Wielding, and More

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Serious Sam 2 is a 15-year-old game that Croteam acts like it doesn’t exist, well, until now. The sequel to the classic SS games received a major update this week. Update 2.90 added tons of new features, such as maps and weapons, and quality-of-life improvements. The massive patch is free for every SS2 owner.

A brand-new weapon called BeamGun is now available. This was first seen in the design document of the original SS game. With the new update, Sam can now dual-wield any weapon including the BeamGun. He can also spring and rocket jump. A total of 12 new multiplayer maps including Stadium, Hole, and Desert Temple are introduced. A new option called Enemy multiplier is now included in both single-player and co-op modes. This will allow you to create your own Legion System in SS2. The update also brought some bug fixes. Oh, and the menu image and music have been updated as well.

Update 2.90 Changelog

What’s new:

  • Sam can now wield a brand new weapon called the BeamGun (aka The Ghost Buster from the original Serious Sam design document).
  • Enemy multiplier option is now available in single-player and co-op. Go, create your own Legion System in Serious Sam 2 .
  • Duke it out on 12 previously unreleased multiplayer maps, coming to you straight from the dusty basement at Croteam HQ. Those include Yodeller, Stadium, Hole, Desert Temple, and more.
  • A brand new Flame-Thrower weapon is now available to all you modders out there, and so is the napalm item, so you can feed it.
  • Sam finally learned to dual wield all of his toys. That’s pretty cool if I do say so myself.
  • You know what else is cool? The ability to sprint. Well, Sam can do that now, too.
  • He can also Rocket Jump, just like in the classics.
  • Get lost no more with the brand new Enemy, NPC, and Objective radar.

Stability and performance fixes:

  • Fixed the notorious profile corruption issue.

Gameplay changes and fixes:

  • The RollerBall in “The Road to Ursul” level will no longer self destroy.
  • Uzis firing speed has been doubled and the damage per bullet reduced from 10 to 9.
  • Fixed statistics menu not showing correctly when skipping movies.
  • Colt Reloading has been added.

Visual changes:

  • HUD, menu, and mic textures have been upscaled by two times.
  • All fonts are now available in shiny high definition, thanks to the House Of Sam.
  • Improved animations for the Chainsaw, Rocket, and Grenade launchers.
  • Screen and Bullets animation fix for the minigun.
  • Menu fonts no longer force proportional shadow direction and shadow distance in the menu parameters.
  • Fixed mapping for the Uzi weapon mesh.
  • Fixed mapping for the Minigun weapon mesh.

General changes:

  • Crosshair selection has been added, and it comes with different color and size options.
  • New menu image and menu music have been added.
  • Added a new "Special Thanks" section to the Extras menu.
  • MODDING – Added the ability to specify mouse cursors.
  • MODDING – Added saved cvars to show/hide the cheats info, and paused message.
  • MODDING – Added debug menu available in the editor to control debug variables. Invoked with the '.' key.
  • MODDING – Added "sam_bSkipMovies" saved cvar to skip the level intro and outro movies. Applies during gameplay and also stops the menu "attract" movies from playing.
  • MODDING – Added visible version of Entity ID to the Serious Editor 2 entity properties panel.
  • MODDING – Added ability to specify mouse cursors in the Serious Editor.

The complete patch notes are available on the official site as well. You can also read what inspired Croteam to release this update for a 15-year-old game.

Serious Sam 4 received a major update recently too. Check out our previous article for more information.

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