Seeker Anti-Cheat Fighting Hack Sites from Offering Video Game Cheats

Going to the source.
Going to the source. Seeker Anti-Cheat

The fight against cheating is one that video game studios continue to wage. One of the reasons why it’s become an uphill battle is because anti-cheats typically exhaust their efforts in looking for cheats being used by players. In most cases, it ends in a cat and mouse situation.

That’s because while developers do catch cheat users, hack coders can recode which results in a new cycle. In addition to cheats, there are also what’s known as aimbots that can impact the experience of games like Apex Legends, Call of Duty Warzone, and Fortnite.

If Seeker Anti-Cheat is to be believed, there’s now a chance to level the field. This new anti-cheat company stops hack sites from offering cheats for video games. The company is composed of avid gamers, attorneys, and even some prior military members. These individuals decided to join forces after becoming frustrated with the inefficiency of many anti-cheat systems.

What makes Seeker Anti-Cheat different? They’re taking a distinct approach which is to go after the source of the cheats instead of the players cheating in-game. Their actions are aimed at stopping hack sites from distributing cheats by doing these:

  • Cutting off payment processors
  • Removing websites from search engines
  • Removing chat systems
  • Shutting down advertising
  • Taking legal action against site owners

For now, the company plans to focus on first-person shooter games available on PC and mobile. It’s actually a good choice considering that there are a lot of players in this genre. Eventually, the company is going to cover any game publishers or developers that enter into a contract with them.

A Seeker Anti-Cheat spokesperson shared in a statement that when it comes to gaming, people should be at peace. That means not having to worry if hackers are going to take over the game. The spokesperson said that they're doing what they can to eliminate cheats but through a unique and non-invasive approach. As already mentioned, the company won't be looking for cheaters in the game but go instead after the source. Their method is to attack every aspect of the hack sites and make sure that they’re put out of business for good.

Do you think this is an effective approach? Learn more about Seeker Anti-Cheat here.

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