Sector's Edge update v1.3.1: New Game Modes, New Map, and Bug Fixes

Sector's Edge Build v1.2.9
Sector's Edge Build v1.2.9 steam

Sector's Edge developer, Vercidium, recently released a new update that added new game modes and fixed some known issues. There are three new game modes introduced by the update, which are Gun Game, Head Hunter, and Control Shift. These will be accompanied by the brand new Shrine map. Developers made improvements as well in ambient lighting when it's raining.

Several issues have been fixed by the update including workshop maps not loading correctly in the custom lobby, internal errors, and game crashes. Optimizations for particle rendering and memory were implemented too.

Update v1.3.1


  • Fixed getting stuck on "Loading Map" when loading a custom map with a syntax error.
  • Fixed accuracy of Spire and Headhunter weapon pickup.
  • Fixed issues with minimap generation when joining a match.
  • Players are now given spawn protection when they first join a match.
  • Fixed match time desync when joining a server.
  • Stability improvements and crash fixes.
  • Rain now renders properly.
  • Fixed dive SFX volume when landing in water
  • Fixed underwater SFX getting stuck on a loop.
  • Fixed internal errors with claiming custom lobbies.
  • Custom lobby claims are now only "used" if you successfully claim the lobby.
  • Fixed issues with loading workshop maps in custom lobbies.
  • Fixed player zone influence in BRK and CS when each team has a different amount of players.
  • Fixed normal maps on some textures in the railway.
  • Fixed a reload desync in high ping when changing between weapons.
  • Your best trial time now matches your leaderboard time correctly.
  • Keyboard input no longer gets stuck after modifying a text field in settings.
  • Camo color of the player's arms and legs now match.
  • Fixed bloom on the MiDi digger beam.
  • Fixed LMG and Minigun overheat times.


  • Uncontested zones in BRK and CS are now white (easier to see than grey).
  • Players on the smaller team in BRK|CS now have more influence over the zone per player, e.g. it is now evenly contested if every player on both teams is on the point.
  • Players can now claim up to 3 lobbies per day (up from 2).
  • Custom lobbies are now de-claimed five minutes after all players leave (up from two minutes).
  • Trial leaderboard shows when completing a trial.
  • The Trial timer now starts as soon as the player shoots or moves.
  • Trials are now a tab on the Play screen.


  • Shrine Map, created by Realkill_1111.
  • Gun Game game mode.
  • Head Hunter game mode.
  • Control Shift game mode.
  • Better ambient lighting while raining.
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum medals and proton rewards for completing each trial within the specified time.
  • Title reward for getting all Bronze medals for each trial, all Silver medals for each trial, etc.
  • Enable Settings > General > Peacekeeper to earn +50% XP and Protons, but deal half damage to players that level 20 or lower and have less than half the average kills of their team,
  • Level 3 animated Faction killcam tags (earned through Twitch Drops),


  • Rain particles are now updated on another thread.
  • Faster leaf particle rendering and updating.

You can read more about the update here.

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