Sector's Edge Build v1.2.9: Custom Lobbies, Bug Fixes, and More

Sector's Edge Build v1.2.9
Sector's Edge Build v1.2.9 steam

Sector's Edge developer, Vercidium, recently released a new update that added trials and customs lobbies and fixed some known issues. To make your own custom lobby, just enter an empty server and click on “Claim Lobby'' in the options. Custom lobbies can also be password protected, which makes them private and secure. Some rendering issues with snow and C4 have been fixed by the update.

Build v1.2.9 Patch Notes


  • Fixed stutters caused when shooting reactive block skins with shotguns.
  • Fixed rendering issues with snow on single-threaded CPUs.
  • Fixed C4 rendering.
  • Fixed LMG overheat desync between the client and the server.
  • Fixed rare crouch desync between client and server.
  • Fixed issues with returning the flag in CTF.
  • Fixed flyby sounds playing when joining a match.


  • Spire and Static no longer randomize weapon sights.
  • Capture the Flag replaced with Escort (reverse CTF):
    • Removed the -20% speed penalty while holding the bomb.
  • In-game players are kicked after two minutes of inactivity.
  • Joining players are kicked after a minute of inactivity.
  • Enemy players now render on top of friendly players on the minimap.
  • You can now right-click to leave a cluster spawn.

Custom Lobbies Added

  • Enter an empty server, spawn in, press escape, and click "Claim Lobby."
  • Custom lobbies can be password protected.
  • Custom lobbies have parameters, such as max player level, autobalance, trailer mode, and sandbox mode.
  • Statistics are not tracked when autobalance is disabled, or trailer/sandbox is enabled.
  • A custom lobby expires two minutes after all players leave.

Trials Added:

  • Three Buildings, three Digging, and three Build + Dig trials added to the ship.
  • Trials are timed and all player's best times are tracked in leaderboards for each trial.


  • The 250 milliseconds delay after firing a single-shot weapon now applies to automatic weapons.
  • Landing Power is now earned from Kinetic 3 + Hydraulics 3.
  • Landing Power damage increased by 25%.
  • Landing Power damage radius changed from four to one + (blocks fallen)/eight with a max of eight blocks.
  • Disruptor starting ammo increased from two to four.
  • Your disruptors now explode when you die.
  • LMG RPM reduced from 800 to 450.
  • LMG player damage increased from 11.5 to 16 (TTK from 600 to 750ms).
  • LMG full damage range reduced from 55 to 50 blocks.
  • LMG bullets now pierce through blocks:
    • The bullet deals -25% player damage per block destroyed.
    • The bullet dies when it deals 24 HP worth of block damage.
    • When hitting a player, the projectile loses four block damage.
  • Assault Rifle RPM reduced from 705 to 618.
  • Assault Rifle damage increased from 12 to 14 (same TTK).
  • Assault Rifle recoil increased by 30%.
  • Assault Rifle full damage range reduced from 50 to 40 blocks.
  • Orberator orbs now explode seven times (up from five).
  • Orberator player damage reduced from 30 to 21.
  • The MiDi now stores 1800 units worth of structure building energy, which rises at a rate of 350 units per second.

You can read more about the update here.

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