Sea of Thieves Update 2.5.2 Concludes the Shrouded Deep Adventure

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Sea of Thieves recently received an update that fixed several bugs and made some gameplay improvements. Don’t forget about the Season Six Community Day for Sea of Thieves, which is just around the corner. The Community Day event will offer rewards, renown, and plenty of activities for players to enjoy.

Shrouded Deep Adventure

The Shrouded Deep is an adventure released on April 21 revolving around the summoning of a Shrouded Ghost to reclaim a powerful artifact. This update finally concluded this adventure, which means players will no longer see the event while traveling. But don’t drop your guard down because the Megalodon will still be roaming the open waters.

Performance Improvements

The developers also made multiple game improvements in this patch. One improvement is the optimized floating items on water, which can be a lot if you destroy ships. This improvement should also benefit how the server performs.

Sea of Thieves Update 2.5.2

  • When caught in the explosion radius of a firebomb while aboard a Sloop, players should no longer be knocked back.
  • Larinna once again offers the Barrel Disguise and Rolling Dice Emotes.
  • When players attempt to deliver treasure to an incorrect location, the supporting tooltips now clearly display the correct location.
  • Players will no longer find Pondies near Sea Forts.
  • Players who have rebound the “More” key for radial menus will now find their shanty shortcut key is unbound if the same key is selected.
  • Players who have enabled Virtual Keyboard while playing on console will now find that text chat continues to function as expected when switching to Steam.
  • When using the “Disable Controller Input on PC” option, controller input will now be disabled entirely and no longer remain available in menus.
  • “The Art of the Trickster” – Dying in combat during the Captain of the Lair encounter no longer makes the Captain disappear and result in blocked progress.
Legend of the Veil Voyage
  • Larger crews will no longer unlock additional progress towards the True Legend Commendation and achievement within the Legend of the Veil.
  • Treasure items collected following the Ghost Garrison encounter should no longer disappear if the Voyage is completed before they’re handed in.
  • When a Veil Stone is added to the Veil of the Ancients, the visual effects can still be seen even when looking away from the Veil itself.
  • The chance of heavy fog during a Ghost Garrison encounter has been reduced.

You can read more about the update here.

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