Sea Of Thieves’ Tall Tales - Shores Of Gold Gets Its First Cinematic Trailer

Rare looking to provide new meaningful content for their one-year old game.
Rare's massive anniversary update for Sea of Thieves includes Tall Tales - Shores of Gold.
Rare's massive anniversary update for Sea of Thieves includes Tall Tales - Shores of Gold. Rare

A year after its release, Sea of Thieves is looking to appeal to more players following an upcoming Anniversary update. This was revealed by Microsoft a few weeks ago, and the company stated that the update includes a ton of content: single-player stories (of which the game was severely lacking), fishing, harpoons, cooking, and so much more. Microsoft, however, was not very keen on providing details, until yesterday, that is.

Rare has announced yesterday that the upcoming anniversary update includes a narrative-driven experience, in the form of Tall Tales. These Tall Tales are also part of a larger narrative construct set in the game’s expansive, yet unfortunately shallow world. These are stories within the world of Sea of Thieves which hope to pad the game with some much-needed content, particularly after most of the players and reviewers who have played it mostly complained about the severe lack of content, particularly in a full-priced game.

The first of these Tall Tales is called “Shores of Gold,” and Rare has also shared a trailer that will walk players through what to expect in this coming update.

Shores of Gold features the introduction of the Skeleton Lords, which are the primary antagonists of these Tall Tales. The overall questline will be focused on the search for the fabled Shroudbreaker, a mysterious key to a mysterious island. On your journey, you will have to contend with traps, puzzles and other obstacles that require both brain and brawn on the players’ part.

You will also meet a variety of new characters on your journey, which should be a nice change of pace. Starting the questlines requires you to speak to the Mysterious Stranger, who is located in every tavern in the game world. Some of the characters from the game’s tie-in novel, Athena’s Fortune, are also expected to make an appearance.

This huge content update may just be Rare’s ticket to gaining back some of its playerbase after a rough first year. It remains to be seen if this will work, though, but it’s nice to see a developer try their absolute best to provide new content for free for their fans. The anniversary update for Sea of Thieves is set to be released this April 30, and the game is now available for Windows 10 and the Xbox One.

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