Sea Of Thieves Arena Update: New Game Mode Launches April 30

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Sea of Thieves Arena mode launches with the Anniversary Update on April 30
Sea of Thieves Arena mode launches with the Anniversary Update on April 30 Rare

Sea of Thieves continues to update, and is planning a large patch called the Anniversary Update. One part of this update is the just announced Arena mode, and developer Rare celebrated the announcement with a new trailer.

The mode is a competitive one, pitting your crew against up to three others. Crews must sail out in search of silver coins found in buried chests. Once a chest is found, players then need to transport them back to the Sea Dogs. The crew with the most coins delivered at the end of the round wins.

Of course, it’s not as simple as bringing some buried chests back to some dudes. Players can steal chests from those who already did the hard labor, cashing in at the last second. This means you can expect to fight other players both on land and sea.

Making the mode more challenging is the addition of new ways for your ship to be damaged. The standard hull patches remain, but ships can now break at the steering wheel, mast, and capstan (the wheel you use to raise and lower the anchor). This means you’ll need to have plenty of wood on hand if you want your ship to survive a round in the Arena.

Performing well in the Arena raises your reputation with the Sea Dogs, along with unlocking a new line of cosmetic options.

To participate in the Arena, look for new Taverns run by the Sea Dogs. These Taverns serve as a location to explore, drink, and chat with other players while waiting for new rounds to begin. There are also winners’ celebrations at the Tavern.

The Arena is included in the Anniversary Update, which releases on April 30. Sea of Thieves is available now for PC and Xbox One.

So what do you think? Are you and your crew excited to take on the world in the new Arena game mode? What else would you like to see added to Sea of Thieves? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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