Sea of Thieves Invites You to Season Four

New season is here.
New season is here. Rare

Sea of Thieves is inviting everyone to jump into Season Four. Like any new season, there are new events for players to join and seasonal rewards to earn. There are some interesting additions as well.

The Trials and Deeds system, for example, has been overhauled. Meanwhile, the Sunken Kingdom now has more to offer.

Sunken Kingdom

For those who were able to join Season Three, Sunken Kingdom was added as part of the Tall Tales. With this new season, it’s been expanded to offer new areas that pirates can dive down. These new locations are marked on the map of the ship. It’s also visible as shimmering spots on the surface of the ocean.

Within the Sunken Kingdom, players should see six Siren Shrines. Each one is filled with puzzles that players need to solve as well as having mysteries to uncover. Anyone that can breach the heart and get access to a cache of deep-sea treasure. It’s important to remember that the Sirens won’t go easy on any intruders.

Pirates can also dive down to plunder the Siren Treasuries, battling waves of Ocean Crawlers and Sirens to claim the new Coral treasures kept within.

Trials and Deeds

Aside from expanding the Sunken Kingdom, the new season makes changes to Trials and Deeds. These should help players climb the 100 levels of progression and unlock related rewards.

In particular, the regularly rotating Deeds have a wider range to help players increase their Renown. While Daily Deeds give out bite-sized challenges, the weekly, monthly, and Seasonal Trials have longer-term goals that offer sizable Renown rewards.

There are also time-limited Events that start with the annual Festival of the Damned. The theme this year is Fury of the Damned and lasts for a whole month.

Pirate Emporium Plunder

For Season Four, arriving in the Pirate Emporium is the Golden Nile Ship Collection. This ensemble is inspired by the famous waterway along with the scaly denizens. Pirates can also grab matching weapons and the Golden Nile Costume.

Learn more about Season Four here.

Sea of Thieves is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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