Pirates of the Caribbean Sailing to the Sea of Thieves

Hide the rum!
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He may be the worst pirate you’ve heard of but to that, he’ll just say “but you have heard of me.” Captain Jack Sparrow joins Sea of Thieves and he’s coming along with his crew. He arrives courtesy of "A Pirate’s Life," a story campaign that could be the most ambitious the game has released so far.

A Pirate's Life offers five stories packed with secrets and side-quests. Players can take on the campaign solo or with a crew. It’s going to be available free and launching as part of Season Three on June 22.

The Meeting of Two Legends

In this campaign, players take on a quest to free Jack Sparrow. They also get a chance to see the world's greatest Pirate Treasure, something that apparently Jack has stolen. It’s not going to be that easy since chasing him is none other than Davy Jones.

Players should know that these won’t be appearing in the game through cameos. That’s because they also bring with them a truly compelling, as well as original, narrative.

New Dangers

New adventures are fun but they mean new environments and even new challenges as well. As the story moves forward, players eventually get to fight Davy Jones with Jack at their side. Players also get to explore many of the memorable locations not only in Sea of Thieves but also for Pirates of the Caribbean. There may even be some of Disney’s other famous park attractions.

Expect new dangers like the Phantoms wherein quick reflexes are needed to deal with them. Watch out for Sirens that can swim underwater and wield new weapons. These are just some of the threats coming in the new campaign.

In a statement, Sea of Thieves Executive Producer Joe Neate revealed that they hope the game can immerse players in what pirate life is all about. He added that they did their best to offer a campaign that’s fun and full of wonder. Meanwhile, Creative Director Mike Chapman shared that the heart of the story is about what it means to be a pirate, and what better way to learn than with the Captain himself?

Are you ready to sail the high seas with Captain Jack Sparrow?

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