A Pirate’s Life Gives Sea of Thieves Boost in Player Count for June

Milestone reached.
Milestone reached. Rare

There’s no denying that the appeal of Captain Jack Sparrows goes a long way and Sea of Thieves is proof of that. There was a lot of excitement when the crossover titled A Pirate’s Life was first revealed. The good news is the excitement was carried over to the game.

That’s because according to Sea of Thieves Design Director Mike “Mutinous” Chapman, the game had 4.8 million players back in June. Making that milestone even more impressive is that A Pirate’s Life was released only on June 22.

For those interested to try the high seas, now is also a good time to join the game. From August 20 to August 23, it’s going to be the Gold & Glory Weekend. That means players can earn double gold and reputation.

Chapman also shared that veterans and even new players can look forward to a lot of new content that includes:

  • 11 previously established Tall Tales that has players explore the islands within the Devil’s Shroud and beyond.
  • New Seasonal Trials are to be introduced in each Season.
  • Engaging world events.
  • Skeleton Forts filled with skeletons to conquer along with treasure to plunder.
  • Trading Company Voyages.
  • Tales of legendary pirates and achievements inspired by real players.

Pirate Emporium

Sea of Thieves has also released new cosmetics inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean. These include the Cursed Ferryman Ship Collection along with the Davy Jones Cursed Costume Set. Learn more about the Pirate Emporium here.

August Update

Sea of Thieves also released its August update that introduced a new event, Jewels of the Deep. This one challenges all pirates to see if they have the courage and fight the undersea terrors. The event has pirates get Bilge Rats’ Favour which can be used to unlock various rewards. No actual date has been revealed for this particular event.

Read more about the August update here.

Developed by Rare, Sea of Thieves is a game where players explore an open world through a pirate ship. The game is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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