Sea of Thieves: Prepare for Battle with Season Eight Now Live

Prepare for battle.
Prepare for battle. Rare

Season Eight of Sea of Thieves is here, and the brewing rivalry is about to break out into a full-blown battle. It's a crew versus crew battle to determine whether the Servants of the Flame or the Guardians of Fortune get to rule the waves. This is no time to be neutral so don't forget to pick a side.

While deciding to know which side to choose, you'll be happy to know that Season Eight is available as a free update, which includes 100 levels of rewards for players to unlock by simply playing the game and raising their Renown. Rewards include, among others, cosmetics, gold and even Ancient Coins. There's also the choice to buy the latest Plunder Pass to access premium items that's not yet available.

Learn more about how Seasons work and the Plunder Pass.

Choose a Side

Pirate crews that want to join the fight can vote on a Faction to side with:

  • Guardians of Fortune
    • They're backed by the likes of the Pirate Lord and Belle.
  • Servants of the Flame
    • They're fueled by the hunger of the Reapers and their loyalty to Flameheart.

Once you've joined a Faction, the goal is simple and it is to sink as many ships from the other faction as you can. Those able to build up a streak of defeated enemy Faction ships leads to boosted Allegiance. Meanwhile, sinking four or more in a row marks you as the Faction Champion. Don't be too happy since as a Champion, you'll be visible to other players in the area and when they take you down, they get a greater boost than usual.

Get Those Rewards

Those who want to up the ante can join the battle with as much treasure on their ship to amplify the Allegiance-earning potential. Surviving is also good news for the Hourglass of Fate because for every win, the Hourglass increases in value. Once you decide to leave the battle, you get to cash in your Hourglass at any Outpost or The Reaper’s Hideout, depending on the Faction you joined. Just remember that if you're sunk first, you lose all that stored value.

Going back to the battles, the more you win and unlock rewards, the more your Allegiance rises. You'll get to the point when you earn serious perks like getting access to previously unexplored areas in the Faction's hideout.

Raising Allegiance also gives you access to unique Curses from each Faction. Players who choose to side with the Guardians of Fortune can earn the Legendary Blessing of Athena’s Fortune. This allows them to embrace the Ghostly Curse. Going with the Servants of the Flame can become at one with their inner skelly by unlocking the Skeleton Curse.

Sea of Thieves is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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