Sea Of Thieves Gets Dated For A June 3 Release On PC Via Steam

It is currently only available on the Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass for PC.
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Sea of Thieves is coming to PC via Steam on June 3.
Sea of Thieves is coming to PC via Steam on June 3. Microsoft

The smash-hit multiplayer sandbox pirate game Sea of Thieves will be coming soon on Steam. This news comes from publisher Microsoft and developer Rare Ltd. It will retail for $39.99.

Touted as the one title that provides the ultimate pirate simulation experience, Sea of Thieves puts players in the middle of the sea and allows them to set their own course. No roles means players can do everything from sailing, fighting, exploring, and most importantly, looting treasures. Players can either strike out lone wolf style or assemble a ragtag crew with up to four of their friends in this multiplayer adventure.

Sea of Thieves' main features include a vast open world. You’re literally sailing through oceans and seas; nothing can get much vaster than that. Through the world players will encounter quests to hunt for lost treasure involving cursed skeletons, gather valuable cargo for trading companies, or just live the simple life, fishing and hunting on virgin lands. For those who do not get the allure of a free-for-all, no roles, game, Sea of Thieves also features “Tall Tales”, a story driven campaign with 11 tales to play across two epic storylines and provides a sense of linear progression for those who want a more casual experience.

Released almost two years ago, Sea of Thieves has experienced stormy seas (literally and figuratively) to get where it is now. Initially, it was praised for its innovative gameplay and aesthetic, but was criticized for its repetitive and lackluster missions. This has been remedied since then with loads of content updates that add new gameplay mechanics and expand the storyline for the game, with the most recent one named Ships of Fortune which added major game changes such as increased Trading Company ranks, an Emissary System, player reviving, and a new species of pet: Cats. Just earlier this year, it was confirmed that Sea of Thieves passed the 10 million player mark, cementing its status as the most successful IP from Xbox for this generation. This is made more impressive by the fact that it is a paid game, not a free-to-play MMO of sorts.

Sea of Thieves will launch for Steam on June 3. It is currently available on PC via the Microsoft Store and Xbox One via Xbox Game Pass.

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