SCUM Re-introduces the Dirtbike, Now with Modular Capabilities, in Patch

Patch Steam

Players of the open-world survival game SCUM now have a new vehicle they can use courtesy of the recently released Patch

The Dirtbike has returned to SCUM with modular capabilities! Before players can use this vehicle, they must first find a suitable pair of wheels. After that, they can roll it to a mechanic or station to fill it up with gas.

New Modular Dirtbike
New Modular Dirtbike Steam

In addition, Patch implements a new system where players will have to use their bank cards to pay for gas at the station. This system was implemented as a way of combating inflation and easy access to gas.

This update also introduces a new explosive to SCUM : the TNT. This thing can deal huge damage to walls and other destructible objects. It’s important to note that using this new explosive calls for a lighter or a few matches.

New Explosive: TNT
New Explosive: TNT Steam


  • You can no longer control vehicles while in the process of exiting them.
  • You can now leave vehicles running when exiting by using SHIFT+F combination.
  • Car doors now remain open after entering, prisoners will close them automatically when the car starts moving.
  • Anyone can now remove car jacks unless the car is in an outpost.
  • Reduced the strictness of water depth when driving through with vehicles.
  • Whiskey is back in the item pool.
  • Adjusted the availability of items in trader shops.
  • Removed obsolete CRAP ammo from cartridge trap recipe.
  • Vehicles now turn off when starting to exit a vehicle instead of exit itself.
  • Metal wheelbarrows should now spawn again.
  • Boats should be more stable on low framerates.
  • Fixed the issue where wheelbarrows would disappear after death in SP.
  • Fixed the issue where squad members cannot finish the flag blueprints.
  • Fixed the bug where admin drones could not interact with some BB elements.
  • Fixed the bug where you could bury weapon racks.
  • Fixed the issue where vehicle doors would miss textures when not attached.
  • Fixed the issue where spawned magazines would sometimes cause a client crash.
  • Fixed the issue where push start option on vehicles was not available.
  • Fixed some caption and description text mistakes.
  • Fixed the issue where BB elements would be owned by a member not a leader when built.
  • Fixed the issue where in photo mode prisoners would sometimes have a broken pose.
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes players standing on top of vehicles would get catapulted.
  • Fixed the bug where adding a 0 charge battery to a vehicle would not display correctly.
  • Fixed the issue where players could enter vehicles through closed doors.
  • Fixed the bug where players with tied hands could interact with vehicles.
  • Fixed the bug where relogging would remove bonds while in air (on respawn).
  • Fixed some of the wrong icons.

SCUM Patch is available on PC.

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