SCUM: New Items Up for Grabs to Celebrate the Lunar New Year in Patch

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The open-world survival shooter SCUM invites players to celebrate the Lunar New Year with new items up for grabs.

To celebrate the Year of the Rabbit, developer Gamepires launched Patch for SCUM recently which introduced a ton of new items inspired by Chinese culture, including some clothing and footwear.

Of course, there are also new weapons that players can get their hands on, such as three new Tang Dao swords and two new Wushu spears.

That’s not all! Players can find some Chinese shops in two new locations in Samobor City. The first is located at the center of the map, while the second one is found on the eastern side. Players can go to these locations to find some boxes that contain any of the new items introduced in Patch Leave no box unturned!

Tang Dao Swords
Tang Dao Swords Steam

Patch Notes

  • Adjusted fame unlock price on some items.
  • You can no longer service vehicles while someone is in them.
  • Shortened the interaction range for servicing cars on lifts.
  • BB elements can now be destroyed with Faceroll smasher.
  • Game will now automatically recreate database files if unrecoverable database corruption occurs.
  • Players should now take melee damage when mounted in seats with missing doors.
  • Female characters can no longer equip willy warmers.
  • Bought car batteries will now have 100% charge when installed by the car mechanic.
  • You can no longer move around while servicing vehicles.
  • Adjusted some item selling prices.
  • You can now use the contents of gasoline canisters in upgrading to brick/cement walls.
  • Fixed the bug where you were not able to use weapons in boats.
  • Fixed the bug where you were not able to mount boats in Single player.
  • Fixed some of the wrong captions.
  • Fixed the issue where you would not gain attributes when pushing vehicles backwards.
  • Fixed the issue where Laika back seats would get destroyed by any explosion.
  • Fixed the issue where suicide puppets would damage vehicles in safe zones.
  • Fixed the issue where you could pick up an armed mine.
  • Fixed the issue where you were not able to enter Laika after lowering them from car lifts.
  • Fixed the issue where AI would not react to vehicle noise.
  • Fixed the bug where focus mode would stay on after opening chat or entering the menu.
  • Fixed the bug where you could not attach a back bumper on Laika.
  • Fixed the issue where vehicles would have a jagged motion when raising/lowering them on car lifts.
Wushu Spears
Wushu Spears Steam

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