SCUM: Higher Audio Loudness and Adjusted Farming Items Price in Hotfix 0.8.058828

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SCUM, the survival game by Gamepires, has received its third hotfix for this week. Multiple QoL additions were made and several dozen bugs were squashed.

Players won’t be able to interact with upside-down vehicles anymore and the prices of farming items have been balanced. The new car now features a horn and haircut services are no longer free. Bank transactions logging has been introduced while car mechanic prices are adjusted.

If the player has the proper tools and skills, they can remove parts from destroyed vehicles. Overall audio loudness is increased, and players can’t keep pushing vehicles anymore.

The rest of the changes and fixes are mentioned below.

QoL Additions
  • Purchasing tradeables will no longer be limited to 5 at a time.
  • Added CON and STR gained when pushing a car.
  • Added smoke effects on vehicles and engines with low health.
  • Purchased WolfsWagen will no longer spawn with a back bumper armor.
  • One time reduction of fame points to 1000 for all players that got over 10k FP due to a bug.
  • Car jack is nor repairable with a toolbox.
  • Adjusted farming items and skill descriptions.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to place garden blueprints on invalid locations.
  • Fixed the bug where passengers could interact with vehicle lights.
  • Fixed the bug where passengers would gain driving XP.
  • Fixed the issue where destroying vehicles would sometimes cause a crash.
  • Fixed the issue where gaining FP when driving would sometimes cause a crash.
  • Fixed the issue where base elements would sometimes cause a crash on server startup.
  • Fixed the issue where servers would sometimes get stuck on startup and crash shortly afterwards.
  • Possible fix for cars randomly disappearing or floating up in the air.
  • Fixed the issues where brake lights would activate when they shouldn't.
  • Fixed the issue where items would prevent vehicle doors from opening.
  • Fixed the issue where passengers in wheelbarrows did not have proper collision.
  • Fixed the bug where stamina was not drained when pushing a car.
  • Fixed the bug where CON and STR gain was disabled when using wheelbarrows and boats.
  • Fixed the bug where prisoners would run in place after using a saw.
  • Fixed the bug where STR attribute would increase when running or crouching in place.
  • Fixed the bug where headshots would not give FP.
  • Fixed the bug where wheelbarrows were the new TEC01 space program.
  • Fixed the bug where item radiation state would reset when placed inside containers.
  • Fixed the bug where friendly vehicles could still activate mines.
  • Fixed the issue where relogging would bug the garden out so only the central plot would be interactable.
  • Fixed the issue where car wheels would clip through the vehicle in some cases.

The complete patch notes of SCUM Hotfix 0.8.058828 are available on Steam.

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