SCUM Hotfix Bug Fixes, QoL Additions, and More

New SCUM update
New SCUM update Steam

SCUM developer, Gamepires, recently released a new update that fixed tons of known issues and improved the game with new QoL additions. For players who would spawn beneath the world after joining the game, expect to join next time with less worry after the patch added the fix. You can now move around normally upon joining.

Small tweaks for the crafting and repairing system may make your gameplay a little easier. You can now craft improvised rods with any rope and repair your melee weapons at improvised workbenches. Read the other changes introduced by this update.

SCUM Hotfix

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug where rivers would glow.
  • Multiple level fixes.
  • Fixed the bug where the weapon holster could store other items.
  • Fixed the bug where the player could not select D4 as respawn sector.
  • Fixed the bug where it would wrongly calculate ingredients needed to build walls.
  • Fixed shotgun shells clipping through the barrel on M1887.
  • Fixed the bug where re-logging while in water would cause client crashes.
  • Fixed the bug where the player could not crouch in shallow water.
  • Fixed the bug where corn bait was not visible in hands.
  • Fixed the bug where the time of day would momentarily turn into day when near midnight.
  • Fixed the bug where you could catch a 0kh and 0cm fish.
  • Fixed the bug where chopping logs from backpacks would teleport you back where you picked it up.
  • Fixed the bug where hook packs would give you the wrong type of hook.
  • Possible fix for dancing player when cutting down logs.
  • Fixed the bug where no birds spawned at new sectors.
  • Fixed the bug when the motorboat propeller would rotate even though the engine is not running.
  • Fixed the bug where wrong coordinates were listed by #ListSpawnedVehicles command in single player.
  • Fixed the bug with camo Pickup_01_F when the prisoner was unable to draw a weapon and shoot.
  • Fixed animation bug when checking ammo on M1891 in the first-person view.
  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to bury wardrobes, log sheds, and shelves.

QoL Additions

  • Magazine dragged over weapon will now show equip option only if the weapon is in hands.
  • Slightly lowered red dot and holographic sight intensity.
  • Explosive arrows no longer require a workbench to craft.
  • Adjusted the spawning rate of fishing rods.
  • You can no longer place or arm silent alarms in enemy flag zones.
  • Kar98k and M1871 are now able to equip improvised suppressors.
  • Tweaked the timers for suicide puppets till they explode.
  • Split the C4 components available between killbox and suicide puppets.

You can read more about the update here.

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