Scorn Prologue Gameplay Walkthrough Revealed

Out on Xbox and PC this October 21.
Check out eight minutes of the Scorn prologue via a new gameplay walkthrough, with the game set to launch this October 21.
Check out eight minutes of the Scorn prologue via a new gameplay walkthrough, with the game set to launch this October 21. Kepler Interactive

Publisher Kepler Interactive and developer Ebb Software released a prologue gameplay walkthrough for Scorn, the upcoming first-person horror adventure game coming to Xbox Series and PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store, and GOG on October 21. Scorn will also be available on the Xbox Game Pass service. The new gameplay walkthrough consists of eight minutes of footage, guiding players into the opening part of the game, where they will be acquainted with the horrors that await them inside the bio-labyrinth. Check out the prologue gameplay walkthrough for Scorn below.

The prologue gameplay walkthrough features cuts here and there, presumably to avoid some spoilers, but it does its job well of presenting the overwhelming sense of dread that you’ll get when playing Scorn. From the eerie, claustrophobic darkness, the disgusting and terrifying flesh interfaces, and the unspeakable feeling that you’re not alone in this godforsaken place, Scorn looks to really live up to its long development cycle reaching as far back as 2014.

Scorn is a biopunk horror game that tells the nonlinear and horrific tale of a humanoid flesh creature lost on a fictional nightmarish alien planet filled with odd creatures and living techno-organic structures composed of machine, flesh, and bone. Most of the game’s surreal visuals are inspired by the works of H. R. Giger, an artist best known for designing the original Alien from Alien. The player character explores the interconnected regions of the world in a non-linear fashion, searching for answers that will explain their predicament and this strange world of flesh and machine.

Designed around the idea of “being thrown into the world,” Scorn is filled with isolation inside this dream-like realm where every different location contains its own theme. Each locale is also filled with puzzles and characters that make up the world of Scorn and will necessitate the use of various skill sets, weapons, and items to comprehend and overcome.

Besides the limited capacity for inventory slots and careful ammo management, Scorn places a huge emphasis on the full body awareness of the humanoid character. You’ll see various actions, such as opening doors, solving puzzles, and even firing weapons with direct contact with your character, often animated in surreal and gruesome ways.

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