Sci-Fi Shooter SYNDUALITY Coming Soon to PC and Next-Gen Consoles

A new shooter game.
A new shooter game. Bandai Namco

A new sci-fi shooter titled SYNDUALITY is coming out next year to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. It will be part of the newly revealed transmedia sci-fi franchise developed by Game Studio.

Game Studio is a video game production company based in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan, and has worked on Wizardry, Kidō Senshi Z Gundam: Hot Scramble, and Family Circuit.

In the game, players take on the role of Drifters, people who make a living collecting AO crystals, a rare resource on Earth. Along the way, they face off against xenomorphic creatures called Enders. The good news is that there are Magus, AI parents that guide them on their journey by providing direction, hints, and warning; Magus also helps in the fight.

In addition, players can get inside armed vehicles to ensure that the probability of them surviving in the hazardous terrestrial environment is high. Overall, the goal is to collect the AO crystals and bring them safely to the home base. While having an AI partner and armed vehicles can help, it’s ultimately down to planning and skills.

In a statement, Bandai Namco Entertainment Producer Yosuke Futami shared that they’re excited for players to try the game. He added that they’ve been working with designers like Neco for the character design and Ippei Gyoubu for the mechanical design. They’ve also partnered with Game Studio to develop a shooter game that offers strong core gameplay and a unique focus on the relationship between humans and AI.

Features of the game include:

  • Gameplay
    • Gameplay and combat in the game center around Cradle Coffins.
    • These are armed vehicles that players need to be in to roam the surface.
    • The Cradle Coffins can be fully personalized, from appearance to weapon loadouts, to fit the player’s own playstyle.
  • Multiplayer
    • The game also offers multiplayer, with other Drifters able to join players to help them in their missions.
    • Players can also decide to turn against others, hinder their progress or fight them to loot their precious resources.

What do you think? Excited about this game? If you are, learn more about SYNDUALITY here.

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