One Piece Odyssey Now Available Worldwide on PC and Consoles

Be one of the nakama.
Be one of the nakama. Bandai Namco

Everyone is invited to join the Straw Hat Crew in a new and exciting adventure. That's because One Piece Odyssey is now available worldwide, where players can control their favorite crew in an original story rooted from the One Piece canon.

One Piece Odyssey is available on PC through Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. Players using consoles should be happy to know that there's a free demo available where they can experience the first few hours of the game. Once they buy the full version, they can transfer their progress and continue their adventure.

In One Piece Odyssey, the Straw Hat Crew has been transported to the strange island of Waford. Making things difficult is that the Thousand Sunny is nearly sunk and has been left in tatters. In the game, players are introduced to an original story intertwined with memories of their past adventures. For this new adventure, there are new characters to meet which have been developed under the guiding hand of none other than series creator Eiichiro Oda.

Players can take on the role of their favorite Straw Hat Crew member as they go on quests and fight powerful enemies to learn more about the many mysteries of Waford and ultimately find their way off the island.

One Piece Odyssey continues to have the humor, charm, and chemistry of the anime as well as the colorful artistic style and visuals. Fans should be happy to know that the characters are voiced by the original Japanese VO actors of the series.

The game has been lovingly crafted over many years and was produced with direct involvement of series creator Oda. The game features a story rooted in canon while complemented with a soaring soundtrack scored by composer Motoi Sakuraba, known for his musical contributions to video games including Dark Souls and Tales Of series.

The game allows players to take control of each Straw Hat Crew member and use their unique skills to explore. They can also take on the turn-based style combat that comes with unique One Piece twists. There's the Scramble Area Battle where players can move through different battle areas with individual characters and pick their best strategy to exploit enemy weaknesses. Another unique feature is the Dramatic Scene system where players can join battles that bring to mind memorable moments in One Piece.

In a statement, Bandai Namco Entertainment Producer Katsuaki Tsuzuki revealed that the game takes players on an exciting new journey with the Straw Hat Crew in an epic game experience set in the world of One Piece. The game, Tsuzuki added, features a story which weaves a new adventure with memories of the characters where players experience key moments in the anime but from a new perspective.

Are you ready to be a nakama and help the Straw Hat Crew?

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