‘Scandal’ Season 6 Episode 9 Premiere: Is Huck Alive?

Guillermo Díaz as Huck
Guillermo Díaz as Huck ABC

On Scandal Season 6, episode 9, which airs at 9 p.m. EDT Thursday on ABC, Huck is missing and when Olivia and her team find out, they are concerned that he might be dead.

Huck was shot by a woman named Meg in episode 8. The two dated for a time; however, Meg turned out to be involved with a secret organization. This organization appears to have some strange motives, including orchestrating the assassination of president-elect Francisco Vargas.

At first, Huck as suspicious of Meg and threatened her. However, she was able to trick him and convince him that she was simply looking for her friend, Jennifer Fields. Jennifer was a part of the Vargas campaign and set up to call in a tip, claiming that Cyrus Beene killed Francisco Vargas.

Jennifer was assumed dead earlier in the season, but Jake Ballard had her hidden in witness protection. However, when Huck took Meg to see her, she shot Jennifer and then shot Huck. At the end of episode 8, Huck was gasping in a pool of his own blood.

An episode 9 sneak peek shows when Olivia and her team realize that Huck is missing. They immediate spring into action to find uncover his whereabouts. An episode 9 promo shows Meg attempting to hide Huck in the trunk of a car, and also shows Quinn interrogating Meg with a gun to her head.

Will the OPA team find Huck? We will find out in the upcoming Season 6 episode 9, called “Dead in the Water,” which is best viewed on television or live online through ABC Live.

Scandal Season 6 episode 9 premieres at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

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