The Saurin Deception for Bless Unleashed Is Now Here

Prepare for the new things coming to the game.
Prepare for the new things coming to the game. Bandai Namco

Bless Unleashed officially launched its Saurin Deception update. To say that there’s a ton of new content arriving to the game would be an understatement. There are new unique class skills arriving along with new passive skills. There are also new dungeons and new field bosses that come with this new content. Even better, there are at least 150 new quests. There’s also going to be a new Bless Pass which you can read about in another article here at Player.One.

If you’ve just learned about this now, there’s still time to get the bonus rewards offered as part of this new content. These include:

  • 300 Artifact Cores
  • 1,000 Star Seed
  • 2 Sealed Chest Keys
  • 3 Potion of Recovery II
  • 1 PvE Combat XP Boost (3 hr.)
  • 1 Repair Tool

We say there’s still time because players only have until tomorrow, June 30, to log-in to the game and get these goodies.

Here are some of the things you can expect with this new content update:

  • Each class is going to get two new skills along with four new passives.
  • There’s a new campaign titled Land of Legends
    • There are six Objectives each handing out different rewards that include:
      • 1st Objective: Repair Tool Chest
      • 2nd Objective: Healing Potion Chest
      • 3rd Objective: Key Chest
      • 4th Objective: Gathering Ticket Chest
      • 5th Objective: Mount Shadowblade Alpha Wolf
      • 6th Objective: Basic Star Seed Booster
    • There’s also going to be a Final Completion Reward where players can get:
      • Golden Age Weapon Appearance Chest
        • Receive a class appropriate Golden Civilization Weapon Skin
      • Rewards
        • Repair Tool Chest
        • Healing Potion Chest
        • Key Chest
        • Gathering/Mining Booster Chest
  • For Dungeons, changes include:
    • Maximum level requirement for all dungeons set to level 30.
    • Gear Score Requirements for all Arena Challenges, Dungeons, and Lairs have been changed as well.
    • New additions include:
      • New Dungeon: Kobold Lair – Chieftain’s Throneroom
      • New Arena Challenge: A Chariot Rolling Through the Land
      • New Lair: Temple of Lies
      • New Abyssal Dungeon: Rutus Mines – Halls of the Dead
  • There’s also a new Star Chaser Shabiki event where players can encounter new enemies.
  • There are also new bosses and elite enemies that include:
    • New field boss: Osis
    • New skilled monsters in the Gnoll Wastes:
      • Mad Lake Elephant
      • Vicious Lake Crocodile

You can read all about the new changes that arrive with this massive content update here.

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