Bless Unleashed Set To Make Changes to Enhancements And Introduce Guild Progression

See what other changes are coming.
See what other changes are coming. Bandai Namco

Looks like Bless Unleashed is going all out for its upcoming Saurin Deception update. There’s going to be a lot of changes and new features arriving to the game. Last time here at Player.One we took a look at some of the new skills for the different classes. Today we peek at the other new things that come with the new update.

Enhancement Changes

The first things we consider are the changes coming to the enhancement. These changes are intended to change three major things, all aimed at reducing player frustration. These are:

  • Reducing the Star Seed Cost of the Master Enhancement Artisan, and increasing the ability to enhance items through rewards.
  • Implementing a new system to prevent long streaks of failure at the Common Enhancement Artisan.
  • Introducing a new item which can be used to increase the success rate of enhancements.

It’s clear that the planned changes focus on the Artisan. The cost of the Master Enhancement Artisan is going to be lowered and will no longer accept Fortification Stones. This should hopefully help with the success rate.

For the new item, players are going to get the chance to acquire Ember of Paetion. Through this item, players can now increase the chance of success when enhancing their gear. The item can also be used not only by Common Enhancement Artisans, but also for the Master Enhancement Artisans.

Guild Changes

The Saurin Deception is set to introduce a new Guild Progression System. This upcoming system is going to let guilds earn levels by simply playing the different types of content in Bless Unleashed. While simply playing the game can indeed have players earn Guild EXP, it’s going to be even more efficient to earn it through Arena Challenges, Dungeons, and even Lairs. Of course, these have to be done as a guild.

There’s also an added motivation. When players advance their guild in levels, they get to unlock access to special benefits. Benefits include special mounts and even a guild banner that can be displayed on the Guild UI. Then there’s also the ability to increase the number of players. The default is 50 players, but with the Guild Progression System this can be increased to 80 players being able to join a guild.

These are just some the changes coming with upcoming update. Are you as excited as we are?

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