Bless Unleashed Spring Update Is Officially Live

First major update is here.
First major update is here. Bandai Namco

The first major update for Bless Unleashed is officially here. Dubbed the Spring Update, it adds new content, bug fixes, and even a brand new dungeon. We look into what these new things are today.

We’ve actually covered some of the new content that arrives with the update already, like the Savantis Mausoleum and the new Blessing known as The Blind Executioner. Read more about that here.

Some of the important changes with the update is that the level scaling for both XP and Gold Rewards have been increased. It should be good to know that the time period for Dungeon penalties has been reduced. The time period for the Battlefield penalties has been lowered as well.

Expect tweaks for the different classes. There are changes that are common to all classes, like the amount of resources gained or spent by each combo move or Blessing Skill is now displayed through the tooltip of each skill. Meanwhile, Leap Attack and Charge skills no longer let players bypass some world collision.

Here are the changes per class:

  • Crusader
    • Reduced the cost and damage of the skill Front Line Destruction.
    • Reduced the cost and damage of the skill Carve a Path.
    • Improved the unsheathing animation for Ippin Crusaders.
  • Mage
    • Reduced the cost, cooldown, and damage of the skill Meteor.
    • Reduced the cost, cooldown, and damage of the skill Blizzard.
    • Arcane Blink can no longer be used while swimming.
    • Mages will now play the correct animation when being knocked back.
    • The Crescent Moon Blessing completion bonus is no longer canceled if the skill is used once after using Boost.
    • Meteor and Blizzard now properly grant the caster one mana crystal.
  • Priest
    • Reduced the cost, cooldown, and damage of the skill Blades of Justice.
    • Corrected text for 2nd upgrade of Priest’s Blades of Justice Skill in the Nightwind Blessing.
  • Ranger
    • The Ranger’s Lightning Arrow now does more damage per target when targeting fewer enemies.
    • The ranger’s mark icon is now properly displayed.

You can read the complete patch notes here.

Special Rewards

The new update may be here, but it’s not arriving alone. Bless Unleashed is handing out special rewards from May 1 to May 8, which include:

  • Sealed and Abyssal Chests drop doubles
  • Drop rate on Dungeon Mounts doubled
  • For each day you log-in to the game during this week, you receive these:
    • 1 Sealed Chest Key
    • 1 Abyssal Chest key
    • 1 [Gift] PvE Combat EXP Booster (3 hr)
    • 1 Repair Tools
    • 300 Artifact Cores
    • 1,000 Star Seeds
A lot of rewards this week.
A lot of rewards this week. Bandai Namco

Forged Warlord Pack

Bless Unleashed also launched The Forged Warlord Pack, which can now be purchased through the Microsoft Store. The pack contains:

  • Forged Warlord Costume Set
    • Helm
    • Armor
  • Forged Warlord Weapon Skins
  • Armored War Strider Mount
  • 3 Personal Storage Expansion Tickets
    • Increase your personal storage
  • 3 Sealed Chest Keys
  • 2 Unbinding Scrolls
  • 30 Recovery Scrolls
  • 30,000 Star Seed
  • 1,000 Lumena

The Forged Warlord Pack is available for $49.99.

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