Satisfactory: Update 6 Now on Early Access; Here are the Best Features

Update 6
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After a long time stewing in the experimental branch, Update 6 for Satisfactory is now available on Steam’s Early Access for everyone to enjoy. There’s plenty to unpack here, so read further to learn more about the best features introduced in this patch.

Multiple Equipment Slots

One of the biggest things in Update 6 is that you can have more than one body armor equipped at the same time. That’s because there are now dedicated equipment slots for the head, body, back, and legs.

This is a massive improvement because you can now receive multiple bonuses from your equipment. You can wear the Blade Runners and Gas Mask, for example, and gain not only protection from taking poison damage but increased running speed as well.

The only thing that you have to change often is your back equipment, such as the Jetpack, Hoverpack, and Parachute, depending on the situation.

Atmosphere and Biomes Improved

A couple of biomes in Satisfactory got significant changes. The swamp biome received full vegetation and atmosphere overhaul, making things look icky just like what the developers have envisioned.

But the most significant biome change in Update 6 is the island paradise, Spire Coast. The changes made to this biome are inspired by the natural verticality of the spires. The dev team also managed to do a full visual revamp of the cliff wall separating the Spire Coast and Dune Desert, allowing you to utilize that large empty plateau to build any structure you want. Furthermore, oil nodes are still present in the area, but if you frequent this place, you’ll notice that their locations have changed.

In addition, day and night cycles, as well as the sky and clouds, have been improved. And oh, there’s rainy weather in the game now!

New Nobelisks and Ammunition

While Satisfactory is a game about building efficient factories, there are also enemies that you have to eliminate to clear resource nodes and make areas suitable for construction.

That said, new Nobelisks and ammunition are ready for use in Update 6. If you like rifles, you can use the new Homing Rifle Ammo or Turbo Rifle Ammo. The former can correct its projectile trajectory to ensure that you never miss the target. The latter is best used if you’re the type of person who wants to rain bullets down your enemies.

Nobelisks in Satisfactory are explosives that can be detonated using a special item called the Nobelisk Detonator. In this update, there are four new Nobelisks at your disposal, but two of them really stand out.

The Cluster Nobelisk is really good as it can detonate into multiple explosions over a larger area, compared to the regular Nobelisk. If you truly want to decimate enemies in a single blow, look no further than the Nuke Nobelisk. This item needs no introduction because, well, you can just nuke enemies to the ground with it.

Update 6 still has plenty to offer, and you can read the full changelog on Steam.

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