Sands of Salzaar: Update Favor System, Mod Support, and New NPC

Sands of Salzaar
Sands of Salzaar Steam

Sands of Salzaar just went out of Early Access not too long ago. It got a new patch recently that provided certain adjustments.

Update included a tweak on the game’s Favor System. This change allows you to join a faction when the personal Favor with lords reaches 10 and above. Of course, attaining a certain Prestige will also enable you to do the same.


The developers have optimized mod support for the game as well. When building a mod, the game’s version number will automatically be upgraded. Furthermore, a pop-up will notify you if you are trying to launch the game with an outdated mod.

Anyway, a new NPC called the Medicinal Herbalist can now be found in the Tavern. This NPC can upgrade your potions to a higher level, increasing the potency and benefits they provide.

When it comes to bug fixes, the issue where you couldn’t claim random quests when you have the “WANTED” status is now resolved. Wrong skill descriptions and text errors have been corrected as well.

Patch Notes

  • Random quest: invitation will be auto-completed through talking to faction leader
  • Maximum Evade rate has been changed to 25% by strength
  • Besides Prestige, it’s also allowed to join a faction when the personal Favor with lords reaches above 10
  • Based on the cultural attributes, added a new guardian’s art display for each faction (Ifrit faction included)
  • In the tournament, there is a chance of looting [ultimate spell book] when Brawl Title reaches Lv.4
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong message informed in World Msg UI section, even these tribes had been eliminated
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wooden staff was not dropped from Dungeon: Abandon Mine of Redstone keep
  • Fixed a bug that caused the first quest of Umara could be accepted repeatedly
  • Fixed wrong description of skill: Spirit Step: Stealth
  • Fixed a bug that caused hostile prestige to not be worked functionally while capturing a city by siege
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when intending to disband a faction
  • Fixed a bug that caused the option of fabricating Ballista missing when the Ballista workshop has been
  • Fixed a bug that caused Dark Wizard could not be recruited from Wizard's college in Dakn City
  • Addressed and fixed some save loading issues due to system environment and compatibility

Sands of Salzaar Update is available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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