Sands of Salzaar V1.0 Out: New Mode, Difficulty Option, Reworked Skills, and More

Sands of Salzaar V1.0
Sands of Salzaar V1.0 Steam

It’s not often to see a strategy-action RPG set in a desert. But if you’re into it, get familiar with Sands of Salzaar. Developers just released Version 1.0 after the game successfully exited Early Access. As a celebration of its full release, Sands of Salzaar offers fresh stuff like a new game mode, difficulty options, and reworked playable characters’ skills.

Sandbox Mode

Let’s start with the new Sandbox Mode that lets you explore the great desert freely at your own pace. Although you can avoid set plot choices, you still have to face the challenge of the Ifrit Ghoul Invasion. But before you can start your Sandbox Mode, you must beat the Story Mode first.

Difficulty Options

Next are the three difficulty options for you to experience. First is Normal Difficulty and a definite choice for newbies. You don’t want to get shocked as you learn how to play the game. This difficulty is meant to enjoy the main story with little struggle. The second is Hard Difficulty or something for more experienced players. If you’re bored with Normal, this should give you a challenge. When enabled, AI factions are smarter, travelers face more challenges, and recruiting NPCs takes more skills.

Last but not least is Epic Difficulty, designed for hardcore gamers. The entire gaming experience is challenging where AI factions are extreme. They will recruit top-tier soldiers and launch attacks like you’ve never seen before. Once you’ve mastered Hard Difficulty, Epic should give you that rollercoaster ride.

Reworked Skills

Since the game is now in full swing, reworks for all playable characters’ skills have been made. Developers did review past reports from the community regarding skills. These reports noted that the skills of different professions are not that distinctive. So, every class has been reworked to give each a unique identity.

For example, the new Swordsman comes with a brand-new set of swordsmanship. The Sultan is also reworked to be closer to an inventor specialized in technology research. As such, a Sultan got unique skills for ancient machinery.

Version 1.0 of Sands of Salzaar has more to offer for new and experienced players. The full release also included reworked heroes, remade units, Legendary Elite Troop, redesigned skill pages, and brawling in the tavern. You can read more about them on Steam.

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