Sanabi: Roadmap Reveals New Story and Features Coming Soon

Be ready for a lot of new content.
Be ready for a lot of new content. Wonder Potion

It’s been a month since the indie title Sanabi was launched on Steam Early Access. Since then, the game has received an “Overwhelmingly Positive” rating from more than 600 reviews. We finally know what players can look forward to with the release of a rather ambitious roadmap.

From July to November, the development team will share a lot of new content that includes:

  • The story up to Chapter 5.
  • A new guide system for “easy level” players.
  • Addition of new collectives.
  • New side stories.

There are also technical improvements to be released like:

  • Providing more robust optimization.
  • Finalizing the UI.
  • Squashing bugs.

There’s no question that all of those are exciting. However, what’s even more exciting is that a version for Nintendo Switch is being planned; work on porting the game to Switch starts this November.

Speedrun Event

While waiting for these to arrive, there’s an ongoing Speedrun event that players can join. The player with the fastest record gets their name inscribed on the game’s Hall of Fame page; that same player also receives a Steam digital gift card. The event ends on August 7.

In Sanabi, players take on the role of a legendary and retired veteran called upon for one last operation which is to ascend a mega-city ruled by a corrupt conglomerate. The player was chosen for the mission because of the signature chain-hook prosthetic arm along with the ability to maneuver and quickly defeat enemies. The mission is to hunt down the mysterious entity known as “SANABI” and discover the corporate secrets hidden deep within the city.

Features of the game include:

  • An exhilarating platformer
    • The giant chain-hook prosthetic arm acts as both a method for quickly maneuvering around and a way to swiftly take out opponents. The prosthetic arm allows players to jump over cliffs and skyscrapers, dash through bullets and traps, and defeat powerful enemies.
  • A beautiful yet mysterious cyberpunk dystopia
    • Mega-city “MAGO” is a high-tech city ruled by a corrupt conglomerate. However, after a sudden blackout, all of its citizens mysteriously disappeared, and the city was left in total chaos.
    • The mission is to explore the depths of the city and uncover what happened.
  • Mari, the hacker prodigy
    • A brilliant hacker and drone rider that players meet during their mission.
    • Mari can open locked doors, reveal enemy weaknesses, and uncover encrypted information.
    • She's lovely and reliable, though sometimes can be a little too chatty.

Get Sanabi on PC through Steam Early Access.

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