DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power Now on Nintendo Switch

Can you survive the high school life?
Can you survive the high school life? Nintendo

What do you get when you mix a superhero, high school life, and girl power? You get none other than DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power, which is now available for the Nintendo Switch for $59.99.

The game has players take on the role of one of six super-powered teens of the DC universe. The goal is to help the citizens of Metropolis from the clutches of the Super-Villains. It’s not all fights since it’s also important to keep up with high school.

This game also gives players the chance to explore and learn more about what Metropolis has to offer. Players can do small deeds as well like finding and rescuing missing cats. Of course, there are different costumes to collect.

Here are the characters players can choose from and their abilities:

  • Wonder Woman
    • Real Name: Diana Prince
    • Skills:
      • Flying Shield
        • Throw shield at enemies
        • Create a platform to jump on by aiming at a wall.
      • Lasso of Truth
        • Throw at nearby enemies to round them up and draw them in.
      • Bracelet Blast
        • Channel energy and blow away nearby foes.
  • ​Supergirl
    • Real Name: Kara Danvers
    • Skills:
      • Power Lift
        • Can be used on enemies or other objects during battle.
      • Super-Breath
        • Spin around and breathe out an icy blast to freeze enemies in place.
      • Heat Vision
        • This burning gaze melts away crime even from a distance.
  • Batgirl
    • Real Name: Barbara Gordon
    • Skills:
      • Batarang
        • A gadget that is a must-have for any crime-fighting adventure.
      • Bat-Hook
        • Send the Bat-Hook flying to the tops of buildings. After that, bound all the way up to them in one quick shot.
      • Bat-Rocket
        • Launch a volley of handmade rockets toward the enemy.
  • ​Harley Quinn
    • Real Name: Harleen Quinzel
    • Skills:
      • Spree Spring
        • Use this mega jump to spread some mayhem wherever you go.
      • No Time Bomb
        • Use the mallet to make the bomb go BOOM.
      • Pop Roulette
        • A weapon as mischievous as Harley Quinn.
        • Can release a firecracker to stun, fire to burn, or even hearts to heal.
  • Catwoman
    • Real Name: Selina Kyle
    • Skill:
      • Merry Tail
        • Strike down nearby enemies.
      • Cat Dance
        • Run super-fast and scratch away enemies.
      • Cat Pounce
        • Hook Catwoman’s whip onto the tops of buildings.
  • Star Sapphire
    • Real Name: Carol Ferris
    • Skill:
      • Cage of Love
        • A construct of the power ring that stuns and traps enemies inside.
      • Flail of Ambivalence
        • Construct a huge hammer and pound away at opponents.
      • Ring Lift
        • Lift enemies and objects.

What are you waiting for? Time to discover which one is more difficult: bringing down villains or surviving high school. Get the game here.

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