Saints Row 5 To Be Revealed In 2020

Saints Row 5
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The most recent Saints Row game, Saints Row 4, was released in 2013 and ever since then, there hasn’t been much talk regarding the series except for some expansions and Agents of Mayhem. Well, the franchise has woken up from its deep sleep as the publisher for the game, Deep Silver, confirms that the next Saints Row game will be revealed in 2020. Previously, Deep Silver had made quite a few mentions of a new Saints Row game, but never gave any dates until now.

An interview between GamesIndustry and Koch Media CEO Klemens Kundratitz revealed some interesting information regarding Dead Island 2 and the Saints Row franchise.

When talking about Saints Row, Kundratitiz added, “Saints Row is Saints Row. With Volition, we have the creators of all the Saints Row games as an internal studio and they're not going to be distracted by anything else from creating our next game under this important franchise. Saints Row is very close to our hearts, and we'll talk about it next year. For the time being, we just wanted to get the word out that it's coming and it's going to be great.”

The Saints Row franchise has had a wild ride in the open-world crime shooter genre. The game seemed to have gained some inspiration from the Grand Theft Auto series, but it soon went on to embrace its insanity. As the series began to grow and release sequels, it was obvious that Saints Row was trying to do something that GTA does not have, except if you turn on cheats. The protagonist went from a normal street thug to a superpowered president, which was extremely fun to play and experience.
We have been waiting for a long time to hear something about the seemingly forgotten franchise and the news that a new Saints Row game is in the works is warmly welcomed.

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