New Saints Row Game Teased, 'Exciting Things Ahead' For The Franchise

Saints Row 5 when?
Saints Row is looking to make a comeback.
Saints Row is looking to make a comeback. Deep Silver

The stage seems set for another Saints Row title, although questions still remain – when is it coming, and where is the series heading?

These are questions publisher Deep Silver is hoping to answer in the coming months, as it quietly tweeted a promotion involving the official YouTube page for Saints Row, stating that there are some “exciting things ahead for the Saints, you don't want to miss out!”

While the tweet is incredibly vague on what those exciting things are, it did get me thinking just what Deep Silver and developer Volition’s plan for the series is now. Things have been relatively quiet for the franchise for the last year or so now, with the last original title released being Agents of Mayhem, a poorly received spinoff of the Saints Row series. It certainly put a damper on Volition, as the failure of that title resulted in some layoffs which were quite damaging to the studio.

The silence on the series was finally broken a few weeks ago, when it was announced that a Saints Row film is currently in the works, to be helmed by F. Gary Gray of Fate of the Furious fame. A port of the third game in the series, Saints Row the Third, was also officially released on the Switch, which could signify that the developer is back at work after years in hiatus. They are now hiring for new talent as well, seeking recruits with experience in AAA third-person shooters and open world games.

While any of these things might indicate that a new Saints Row title could be coming soon, it still begs the question as to when and what direction they are heading for. Teasing the series again could mean that we may see an update of sorts in the coming months, which is good news to fans of the series. However, if Saints Row is back, what kind of title is it going to be? The series has been stagnating for a while, and although I really enjoyed Saints Row IV for being the best superhero simulator out there, it didn’t really innovate on what made the series such a cultural mainstay.

Here’s hoping that their next title will be something that will revitalize the series, and get the team out of their rut. Seriously, I need another Johnny Gat title.

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