RWBY Volume 5 NYCC Panel Recap: Yang Short, Gen:Lock Trailer And More

Here's What You Didn't See Ath NYCC's RWBY Panel
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RWBY Volume 5 teaser at New York Comic Con.
RWBY Volume 5 teaser at New York Comic Con. Rooster Teeth

Cast and crew for the next season of RWBY , the popular anime from Rooster Teeth that has become a global phenomenon, came to New York Comic-Con 2017 to give fans some hints and clues about what to expect in the upcoming Volume. For starters, it’s confirmed to be 14 episodes. By comparison, last season only had 12 episodes.

"Vol 5 is a whole new level for the show," said Barbara Dunkelman (voice of Yang).

RWBY Volume 5 is going to explore new areas of Remnant and new characters fans haven’t seen. During the panel, a brief clip from the first episode and a short about Yang were shown only to those in attendance. The clip showed Crow and new team RWBY exploring mountainous Minstral, and the scenery is absolutely beautiful.

RWBY Volume 5 teaser at New York Comic Con.
RWBY Volume 5 teaser at New York Comic Con. Rooster Teeth

There was also a badass animated short about Yang. It takes place before volume 1, and Yang is training Ruby on hand-to-hand combat so ruby can defend herself when Yang goes away for Beacon. A Grimm Bear shows up and attacks Yang. The bear gets the upper hand, and knocks her out when Ruby arrives and looks for Yang. The bear attacks Ruby, but Yang steps in and takes the hit for her sister. This activates Yang’s ability and she takes down the bear. She assures Ruby afterwards that she will always have her back. It fast forwards to the present, and the last thing we see is Yang riding off on her motorcycle.

Both videos were blacked out during the broadcast stream. As was a brief trailer for Gen:Lock, Rooster Teeth’s new mecha action show. Gen:Lock was first announced at Rooster Teeth Expo earlier this year.

Rooster Teeth released some character shorts for RWBY Volume 5 on their website and YouTube page earlier this year as well. Both videos show what Weiss and Blake were up to in between Volume 4 and Volume 5. The Weiss short shows her training with her sister, Winter pre Volume 1. Blake, on the other hand, continues her mission against the terrorist group she used to belong to, White Fang. Fans get a bit more of the backstory between her and Ilia, a current White Fang member and former friend.

Here’s the official synopsis of RWBY Volume 5:

Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are each entangled in journeys of their own, but they all share one destination: Haven Academy. Whether it's the promise of ancient relics, mystical maidens, or simply more power, it's clear that the stage for the next great battle for Remnant has been chosen. The question is, with so many players in this game, who's going to come out on top?

RWBY Volume 5 will premiere on the Rooster Teeth site Oct. 14 and then the episode hits YouTube a week later. It will also be shown in theaters for one night only on Oct. 12.

What do you think will happen in the upcoming season of RWBY ? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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