New RWBY Volume 5 Short Catches Up With Blake's Pursuit Of White Fang

Blake and Ilia have a heart-to-heart.
Blake and Ilia have a heart-to-heart. Rooster Teeth

Rooster Teeth released a new RWBY character short focusing on Blake Belladonna and her pursuit of the White Fang.

Fans of the Rooster Teeth anime know Blake was once a member of the White Fang, the extremist organization that fights for the rights of the Faunus. Since Blake’s defection, however, the White Fang has played a large role in the fall of Beacon and the death of thousands.

Here’s the official description of the RWBY Volume 5 Blake character short, with the video following.

“The White Fang was once a peaceful organization fighting for true equality for the Faunus. Over the years, however, many members began to favor violent and extreme tactics in order to demand respect from the humans of Remnant. Though Blake Belladonna eventually decided to leave the White Fang and its growing acts of terror, not all of her friends made the same decision.”

The short brings fans up to speed on what Blake and Son have been up to as they continue to search for the White Fang and attempt to stop the organization’s terrorist acts. The short picks up where Volume 4 left off, exploring Blake’s lingering ties to the White Fang.

Although Blake left the White Fang, her internal struggle between stopping the them and her desire to see equality between human and Faunus takes center stage here. It also makes it more difficult when her friend, Ilia, a member of the organization, appears to stop her.

This isn’t the first character short for the upcoming fifth season of RWBY. Rooster Teeth released a Weiss character short back in July, showing off some of her training with her sister Winter.

There’s a war brewing in the world of Remnant and Team RWBY need to get stronger to stop it.

RWBY Volume 5 premieres on Rooster Teeth First starting Oct. 14.

What do you think of the Blake character short? Who is your favorite character in RWBY? Let us know in the comments section below.

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