Rust: New Update Introduces Changes to Wounding System, Nvidia DLSS, and More

Rust Voice Props DLC
Rust Voice Props DLC Steam

Facepunch Studios’ PvP survival shooter game, Rust, has received a new update. It added support for Nvidia DLSS technology, improved the Wounding system, and introduced the Voice Props DLC.

Wounding System

In the Wounding system, your character will be in a fully incapacitated state in situations when you are severely wounded.

But the latest update introduced a new mechanism where getting wounded puts your character in a crawling state. This means that you can move slowly, open doors, and crawl your way to safety.

This is not to say that your character won’t die. You can still get incapacitated if you are looted while you’re in the crawling state, for example.

Nvidia DLSS

After applying the update, you will have the option to enable Nvidia DLSS in the settings. To do that, you just navigate to the options menu and go to the Graphics section.

According to Nvidia, DLSS can help boost the game’s performance by as much as 50%. You can see the feature in action in the video below:

Keep in mind that DLSS can only be enabled if you have an RTX 2000 or 3000 series graphics card. Downloading the latest driver from Nvidia is also necessary to take full advantage of the technology.

Voice Props DLC

This update introduces the Rust: Voice Props DLC, which contains the Boom Box, Megaphone, Microphone Stand, Mobile Phone, and more. It also gives you some dance gestures and a total of seven new achievements for you to unlock.

The Voice Props alone costs $12.99. However, the base game and all its downloadable content are currently offered at 50% thanks to the ongoing Steam Summer Sale. The offer is valid until July 8.

Tunnel Improvements

The developers have improved the train tunnel entrances in the game. For example, when you reach the bottom of the stairwell, you will notice that it now has a circular stairwell piece. The devs said that this is done to help align the stairwell to the train tunnel grid, which alleviates the need to snap the entrance of the building to a specific position.

Aside from that, they have redone some of the tunnel entrance visuals to make them look like bunkers on the surface. Furthermore, the interior layout has also been updated and you are now given more tactical options to choose from.

For the full list of changes, you can visit Rust’s Steam page.

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