Dying Light Welcomes Rust in Epic Crossover

Prepare for a little Rust.
Prepare for a little Rust. Techland

It looks like Dying Light is offering everyone a crossover that we didn’t know we needed. The crossover with video game Rust gives two worlds all about survival one with a zombie apocalypse sprinkled on top.

The crossover comes courtesy of the free Rust DLC that offers a set of unique items for everyone. For now, the crossover is limited on PC and only available until April 26. Console players can expect to experience this sometime in May.

Just as a review, Rust is a game about surviving in the wilderness by making use of gathered materials or stolen items.

Grab What You Can

To survive what’s coming with this crossover, players need to grab whatever they find and make the best use of them. There’s the Salvaged Cleaver, for example, which can slice and dice both zombies and bandits. Interested to show everyone just how inventive you are? Then be sure to grab the Heavy Plate.

For those who are not comfortable with bringing things up close and personal, there’s the Rust Assault Rifle or the Custom SMG. Players can also make use of the Rust Bucket and highlight their engineering skills.

All of these are going to be available through a bundle.

Take Enemies Down

It’s surprising to know that the scientists over at Rust have actually learned about the Harran virus and are now conducting an investigation. But they’re not the only enemies that players must look out for. The Slums and Old Town have outposts full of Rais’ bandits. There’s the option to take them down with a direct attack or going behind their back using stealth. Defeating them gives players elemental C4 explosives.


This new crossover tasks players to finish goals to get these rewards:

  • Global goal
    • Hunt down bandits (1,000,000).
      • Reward: A docket for the C4 Elemental Variation Blueprints
  • Local goals
    • Research bounties
      • Collect Scrap (30) and Plastic Tubes (2)
        • Reward: Gold Rust Assault Rifle Blueprint
      • Collect Scrap (20) and Nails (10)
        • Reward: Gold Rust Custom SMG Blueprint
      • Collect Scrap (10) and Tin Cans (5)
        • Reward: Gold Rust Salvaged Cleaver Blueprint
    • Raiding bounties
      • Find and raid Rais' Bandit Outpost in the Slums
        • Reward: Elemental C4 Bundle
      • Find and raid Rais' Bandit Outpost in the Old Town
        • Reward: Elemental C4 Bundle

So what do you think of this crossover?

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