Rust July Update: Combat Changes, Monuments in Hapis Island, and Bug Fixes

Rust July Update
Rust July Update Steam

Rust recently received a new update that featured combat balances, updates to Hapis Island, and bug fixes.

Combat Changes

In this update, the grenades and shotguns received small balancing changes, but are impactful depending on the situation.

The fuse time on the F1 grenade has decreased from three to 2.5 seconds. This is because evading grenades is too easy since players have three seconds to run away. The slight decrease in the timer should help catch enemies off-guard.

The shotgun slugs, on the other hand, were underused because of their weak mid-range fights. To buff this, the developers reduced the damage fall-off.

Hapis Island

Hapis Island received some changes in this update, with three new monuments. Two of these are found in the desert, while the third one is found in the northern arctic.

Rust July Update

  • Added tiled cube prefabs for community map makers
  • Added chat filtering
  • Improved M39 DPS and recoil
  • Lowered F1 grenade fuse time to 2.5s (was 3.0s)
  • Shotgun slugs have reduced damage falloff
  • Achievement todo list is now disabled if game tips are turned off in the game options
  • Added a crosshair while free spraying with a Spray Can
  • Increased the default number of sprays per player (25 > 40)
  • Can now Mute and Report players from the Contacts screen
  • Z/C/Y keys no longer control zoom when in free camera (replaced with debugcamera_zoomin and debugcamera_zoomout binds)
  • Added debugcamera_raise and debugcamera_lower binds instead of hardcoding to Q/E
  • Added physical camera convars for the debug camera
  • Added camera info overlay command for the debug camera
  • Kayak now faces away from the player deploying by default
  • Mailbox, BBQ, Medium Battery, and Windmill now face toward the player by default
  • (CUI) Add support for vertical overflow on Text components
  • Updated player inventory idle animation
  • Added interaction sounds for small loot containers (food, medical, tech, ammunition, etc)
  • Updated generic loot crates with existing interaction sounds
  • Hapis Island: Added 3 new monuments
  • Jackhammer will hit hotspot every time without tap firing
  • Torch despawns after 30 seconds
  • Dropped backpacks will despawn after 30 seconds for rocks + torches
  • Streamer mode will hide map name in server browser
  • Can insert photos into mailbox
  • Servers will no longer show the name of the custom map, only "Custom Map" if they are running one
  • Optimized bulk loading assets from bundles

You can read more about the update here.

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