RuneScape: It’s Back to the Beginning with Fresh Start Worlds Event

Back to the beginning.
Back to the beginning. Jagex

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to "start" again? That's what RuneScape is offering players with its Fresh Start Worlds event. It's going to let members create new characters in a special world where everyone starts on a level playing field. There's a brand-new economy, Grand Exchange, Hi-Scores, and even a boosted XP to allow for fast leveling. The event will last for four months and once it ends, players can return to the core game using their brand-new character.

Fresh Start Worlds brings together both new and old players to start their RuneScape experience anew. Players can rediscover the land of Gielinor as they return to landmark cities, memorable quests, skilling areas and boss battles. All of these come with accelerated XP and gameplay boosts. Of course, there's a lot of earned rewards to collect, including new cosmetic armor, pet skins, and alternative skill capes. Keep on the lookout as well for some rare tradable rewards.

For the first eight weeks of this event, players will be challenged with the race to World Firsts. This is available to those who:

  • Achieved 99 to 120 in each skill.
  • Completed all quests in the game.
  • First to achieve the Max Cap.

By the way, players need to rely on their knowledge of the game during this event since Treasure Hunter and premium XP benefits are unavailable. Players can use RuneScape bonds to pay for their membership, though it’s limited to one per week during this initial competitive phase.

In a statement, RuneScape Executive Producer Jendrik Posche shared that they’re excited for the potential of this event to grow the player base and help players rediscover the game. He added that this event is a moment in time where new and returning players can unite and reignite that feeling of starting a new adventure as a community. Posche revealed that the adventure doesn’t stop when the event is over since players can transfer their characters to the main game.

Old School

For those wondering, the Fresh Start Worlds event is also launching on Old School RuneScape. It starts October 19 and is scheduled to run for six months. One main difference is that there won’t be an XP boost, which means players need to depend on their wits if they want to get ahead. After six months, players can transfer their characters to the main game server.

RuneScape is available on PC, iOS, and Android.

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