RuneScape Says Goodbye to Duel Arena

Time for a little peace.
Time for a little peace. Jagex

RuneScape is finally saying goodbye to the iconic Duel Arena after 18 years. Not to worry though since the game introduces Het's Oasis. This one isn't only going to welcome a new landscape but also new skilling methods and two new mini-quests.

Let's start with the mini-quests with the first being "Eye of Het I" now live. It requires the City of Senntisten and 65 Agility. Completing it rewards players with the Medium XP Lamp. The second one is "Eye of Het II" which starts on January 10 and requires players to have finished “Eye of Het I.” This one awards players with the Medium XP Lamp and a new Archaeology Relic. The latter is an item that increases HP recovered when consuming food and drink.

Building the Oasis

For the new landscape, what happened is that the Duel Arena has been destroyed by an earthquake. As a result, all heroes are being invited to join the Oasis Restoration. This two-week temporary event has the activity of players bringing the new area to life. What will happen is that this once bloodthirsty fighting pit is going to be turned into an oasis. Those able to join this event receive exclusive rewards like the new crocodile pet "Chomper" and the "Of the Ruination" title. There is also the desert-themed cosmetic armor override set known as "Warrior of Het" and the "Gators" footwear.


After the two-week event, this is when Het's Oasis goes live. There are going to be three new skilling methods that players can take on and they’re all permanent solo content. These are:

  • A new Agility course.
    • Players need to traverse the rubble of the ruined Duel Arena.
  • ​A new Hunter method.
    • Players get to control a crocodile that swims around the oasis and catches Scarabs.
    • There are six new Scarabs to find and each needing a higher Hunter level.
  • A new Farming method.
    • Players get to passively tend to flower bushes and harvest new types of flowers.
    • There are five new flowers and four different bushes (each needing a higher Farming level).

You can learn more about the details of Het’s Oasis here.

RuneScape is set in the world of Gielinor, a medieval fantasy realm divided into different kingdoms, regions, and cities. Each region has different types of monsters, resources, and quests to challenge players. The game is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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